Monday, September 26, 2011

Today's Trip to Target

Today we went to Target. This is Jackson's outfit of choice-- tiny shorts, cowboy boots, and a helmet. 

His new favorite thing is to watch himself on the security cameras. He squirms all around just to make sure it's him on the screen.

The alternate way of using the little kid part on the cart-- and she can feed herself this way. Why didn't I ever think of this before?

Jackson's new way of riding around on the cart... and I'm totally cool with it because it means he's not climbing on shelves or running the aisles. 

Belle tried on a headband and it was so cute, we just had to buy it!

We splurged and got a snack on our way out. Eating pizza is kind of tricky when you have the facemask and chin guard in your way. 

Belle enjoyed a little bit of a breadstick!

and of course, this happened....

We did actually go to Target for purposes other than taking pictures and creating blog posts. I saw a rug awhile back and I wanted to check it out for Jackson's room. The greatest part-- it was on clearance! It's the kind with the road on it so he can drive his cars around. Super excited about it! I also got a blanket for his bed {he only has sheets right now} for only $10 from the college clearance. Successful trip I must say!


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  1. Jackson looks like he shares my sense of style - I wear my cowboy boots with shorts, too! I don't have a cool helmet, though...


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