Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween & Go Chiefs

The timing of the Chiefs' Monday Night Football game was perfect for our costumes!! Let's pretend I planned it that way!

 Here's our football player!

And the cutest little cheerleader ever!
{check out these moves-- she's a total natural!}

We went to the Fall Festival at our church! Here's a few pictures of our fun evening!

The bounce house

{do you notice Belle cheering as Jackson shoots?}

We wrapped Daddy up like a mummy

{only Jackson kept saying "like a Christmas present}

Haha. If you lick a marshmallow, it will stick to your forehead. I never knew...

Look at that good aim!

Daddy and Belle 
{after Derek said "She's too cute to be in the stroller!"}

We had a fun night. Jackson is so excited about all of his candy {mommy and daddy too}. It was a beautiful evening outside and we would have taken Jackson out trick-or-treating but he wasn't feeling to well {read: he was super cranky and uncooperative} so we just stayed in to watch the football game. Go Chiefs!

I love looking at kids in their costumes! Leave a comment with a link to your blog post of your kiddos all dressed up and I will go check it out!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cocoa Mint Winner!

Ladies and Gentlemen* we have a winner for the Cocoa Mint store credit!

And the winner is....

Congrats Heidi! I will email you with information about how to get in touch with Terri! I hope to see what you get with your credit!! Thanks for entering and be sure to check out the other giveaway that's going on-- $10 towards AP Memory's etsy shop, which sellsmagnets from recycled soda cans. They're super cute!

*are there any men, aside from the guys in my family who do so out of obligation, that read this blog!? If so, you're totally awesome. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello, Minivan!

We have said our good-byes to our faithful Ford Escape in order to better equip our family outings. We have upgraded to our very own Swagger Wagon {please watch the video, it won't disappoint}. Ever since Julie was forced to sit squeeze between two car seats once Belle was born, we were itching for a new van and it we finally saved up to make it happen! Introducing our new 2005 Nissan Quest:

I was going to post this as a Wordless Wednesday post, but then I realized I had stuff to say about it. So this has become a Not-So-Wordless-Wednesday post! 

Seriously, buying a van {or any car, I presume} is stressful business. First of all, I really thought minivans were so much more popular than they really are. Turns out, in *my* world, I see them everywhere! Like I pull into the parking lot for MOPS and it's practically a used minivan lot! But it turns out, minivans take up only a few spots on any car lots. I still felt that we had a good selection and I love the one we chose, but they weren't overflowing. 

Second, comparing used cars is like comparing apples with oranges and picking between them was kinda tricky. You pick from what's available and you have to decide what matters most. Mileage and year were our top factors. I guess this wouldn't be an issue if you were buying pricier vehicles. 

And then there is the task of figuring out the "real" numbers. My gosh, used car lots are confusing. On paper, our sales guy bought our car for more than it would sell in private sale so that when he added our cash, it looked like he sold the van for more. That made it confusing when trying to look at other vans to compare and it took awhile to figure out why the other vans in the same price range were newer and lower mileage-- it's because we didn't really pay that much for the car. If we look at what others would have paid, then subtract the difference from the van, then our van actually stands out as a much better vehicle than it's "real" price range. Confused? Yeah, me too. But it comes down to this: we paid the same amount in cash, no matter what he wrote on the sales slip. And we are satisfied with the deal after shopping around. No regrets.

Lastly, is the talking numbers. I do feel as if this is a strong suit for me. I'm not too shy and I don't mind playing the game. I wasn't afraid to ask straight out what we wanted and to be persistent, but making sure I did so with respect so he'd take me seriously. I sure am glad to be done with it though. It's tough always have a game face!

So here's a list of my favorite things about the van, in no particular order:
  1. Keyless Entry {my escape was equipped for it, but since it didn't come with a remote and it's super expensive to replace, we never got it. My car was unlocked about 99.99% of the time because it was such a hassle to lock/unlock with kids in tow and that drove my husband CRAZY!}
  2. Automatic back hatch open/close {Derek should be happy too as it will prevent me from hitting him in the head when I close the back hatch-- it's only happened twice but I will never stop hearing about it}
  3. Oil change {and other maintenance} reminders- the non-husband, non-father kind. 
  4. The Look-- the body style doesn't seem so van-ish and we love the color {it's a sparkly navy blue}.
  6. Digital display. I don't have to choose between radio station or clock display. It's got the temperature and the MPG and all sorts of gadgets.
And the very best thing-- we got this van Dave Ramsey style: trade-in and cash. No payments {despite CarMax guy promising me a *million* reasons why having a car payment and getting a much more expensive van is better and safer}. It was tempting, not the CarMax guy, but a different van. But we are satisfied with ours. It's used so sure there are marks here, signs of use here... but it runs good {we have a warranty for awhile}, it's clean, it's what we need, and we can afford it! Now, I just want to go drive it!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

The things you learn at Grandma's

This week's lesson is Biology 101. Our conversation at dinner tonight:
Me: Jackson, you really need to focus and eat your dinner
Jackson: Why?
Me: Because food makes our bodies healthy. We need to eat for our bodies to work.
Jackson: Our food goes in our tummies?
Me: Yes, it goes to our tummies.
Jackson: I put it in my mouth to get to my tummy.
Me: Yes.
Jackson: It goes through the big hole in the back {and proceeds to stick his finger as far down his throat as he can before I quickly intervene. Which, by the way I have determined that curiousity is what caused the I-can-make-myself-vomit-if-I-stick-my-finger-far-enough-down-my-throat revelation that occurred this week. No joke}.Me: Yes, it is back there. But you can't stick your finger back there.
Jackson: It goes down like a sli-i-i-i-ide!!!
Me: {humored} why yes, it does.
Jackson: And then it goes into my tummy. {takes bite to demonstrate}
Me: Mmhhmm
Jackson: And then it goes from my tummy to poop that comes out my bottom.
Me: {Quick glance to Derek. Work hard to not bust out laughing. Gain composure} Well, yes, I guess you are right.
Jackson: Yeah, it comes out of my bottom.
Me: Where did you learn this stuff? Who taught you this stuff?
Jackson: With Grandma... Grandma Linda!

At this point, we just laugh. You never know what this kid is going to say next. We did verify with Grandma Linda {but seriously, how could he just make that up} and she did say that they had that conversation once awhile back. What made him bring it up today? How did he remember it all from that long ago? No idea. At least he got the information right and didn't come up with something crazy absurd. And to be honest, it's nice that I don't have to explain where poop comes from-- because I am sure that's a question that Jackson could/would come up with!

Next on the agenda is Appropriate Dinner Topics. Soon to be addressed is How to Greet New Friends {this is after we met some people at lunch last week and his opening line was "God gave me a penis. Did he give you one?}. A friend once told me that Jackson needed his own reality tv show. If I didn't fear the Gosselin-family-outcome, I might even consider it. I seriously couldn't make this stuff up!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Photographic Memory Review and Giveaway

I happened to stumble across APMemory’s Etsy page whilst browsing Pinterest once upon a time. Cute magnets from recycled pop cans.{yes, that’s right. *pop* cans. All you soda people can just… ya know.} I actually emailed a friend the site because I knew they’d buy one as a Christmas gift.

So, when I was looking for sponsors for this giveaway event, I just knew these magnets would be super fun. I wrote a quick email and Stacy jumped on board right away! How awesome is she? She offered to send a magnet to be included in the care package and offer a $5 credit to my readers. She ended up sending THREE magnets and so I decided to pitch in an additional $5 so up for grabs is a $10 credit to APMemory for a magnet {or two or three}!

I really had no idea what type of magnet she was going to send and when I opened the package I was so excited. Not only were the designs perfect for the occasion, but the colors were awesome too!! Here’s the picture from the site:

And here’s a picture I took… and it’s so much cuter in real life, I promise. The back is lined with foam, so it’s thicker {and safer} than just the aluminum. There aren’t any sharp edges either!


So, you have $10 to APMemory’s store. What should you get?

If you’re a train-loving almost three year old, then this train magnet is perfect!il_570xN.269020440

If you’re a Dr. Pepper-aholic {like the hubs} then this heart lock/key magnet set is a MUST. il_570xN.252822607Seriously, if you x-rayed Derek’s chest, I am *certain* this is what his heart looks like. 
And I, of course, have the key {which was obtained after taking him on a road trip 
to the Dr. Pepper museum for his birthday the year we started dating.}

     You could pick out one of the cool 3D magnet designs, like the flower or ladybugs!

And you can even get a necklace and earring set!

The best part is that not only are these items super fun, but they're “green!” I love her tagline: Reuse the Past, Save the Future! iusb_760x100.8699827
Seriously, with the holiday coming up—this is a perfect place to get some fun items for stocking stuffers or for the friend/relative that already has everything! You can request different cans to be used for certain designs and so it’s a personalized gift too! And out of her 280+ items in her shop, all but two are $10 and under so it’s affordable. {and that means that if you win, you'll be able to take home multiple items!}

So, how do you get the $10 credit? Use the entry form below! Good luck! And be sure to stick around to for upcoming giveaways-- including an NFL apron and vinyl wall art for your home!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Train Party Glimpse

Jackson's train party was tonight and it was so much fun. I am waaaay too pooped to go into detail, but here's a little glimpse of our evening!

{this last picture... Jackson made us put the sheet over his train set so his trains could go to sleep while he was sleeping too. The only thing that got that boy to sleep tonight was knowing he could wake up and play}



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