Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eight Months

Ohmigoodness... when did my little girl get so big?! She's mobile and quick. She is has a happy, energetic personality, and she's got her first tooth!!

My happy baby! The bottom right picture is a silly face to put in the collage,
but that's what she's up to these days, so I had to include it! Click on the picture
to make it larger to check out those baby blue eyes. Adorable! 
Dear Belle,

Your smile is the highlight of each day. People *always* comment about you being such a happy baby and it is so true. A big smile awaits anyone who glance your way-- even if just for a quick moment. You've even been known to stop people in their tracks as they walk through the grocery store. I have a feeling you are going to give your father a bit of grief when you grow up to be such a pretty girl. How about you just stay a daddy's girl forever?!?

This month you've gotten a tooth, started pulling up, and started crawling on all fours a little bit. Oh, and you've got your first "trick"!! You can wave. And it is SO cute. It's a whole arm wave and it makes your whole body wiggle. And you make the happiest face when you do it-- see the middle picture above. You were in the middle of a two arm wave.

Sleeping has been a bit off this month. After your shots and then spending a week traveling about the state, your schedule got messed up-- and you didn't sleep through the night for two weeks. Up multiple times a night. Hear me out... that is not cool. I ended up having to let you cry it out one night. It didn't last long and you were back in your routine the next day. Until just the other day. You can stand up in your bed now. So, instead of falling asleep, you stand up and cry. Just because you can stand up, doesn't mean you need to at every moment. K?

You are still much more interested in eating real {baby} food than having a bottle. And you're much more interested in eating finger foods than being spoon fed. A little particular, maybe!? You will drink about 18-20 ounces a day and will have two bowls of baby food and cereal. You have started to eat some finger foods like cheerios and green beans. You also love to crawl around and find any crumb on the floor. Your favorite is paper. {I even used some paper to get you to cooperate in your little photo shoot}. You are wearing mostly 6-9 months clothing, though you are still wearing a few 6 month pieces. You're pretty short for you age {okay, a lot short} so some of the smaller stuff still fits.

Watching you and Jackson play is my absolute favorite thing. You absolutely adore him. And he is so fond of you. Sometimes Daddy and I just sit in the front room watching you two do your thing. Jackson will put his face really close to yours and you will giggle-- He has a special face that he only uses on that occasion! Jackson will crawl and you will chase after him. The only problem is that you think that all babies/toddlers are yours to crawl after and climb. You just love to play with people. Oh, and I don't have a picture, but I swear that your BFF is the little girl in the mirror. You are so funny to watch when you see yourself. It can keep you entertained for nearly an hour at times!!

You are just a great little girl. We wouldn't know what to do with ourselves with you, sweet Belle!! Love, Mommy and Daddy!

You've outgrown some of your toys and have started to utilize them in different ways-- like crawling through and playing underneath your exersaucer.

Jackson was the first person to "catch" you standing up all by yourself! He is such a proud big brother... and look at you, you're so big!

You've started to get your own free cookie from Walmart to share enjoy. You really like the paper better, but I won't let you eat it.

This is your favorite spot. You love that extension cord. I can put you anywhere in the house and you always find your way back here.

And seriously, you love for your feet to be up. They are always up.

even when you are SLEEPING!!! Both legs up in the air. How do you do it???

We love you princess!


  1. She is so cute!! (I love the silly face picture in the collage, haha. Kids have the cutest expressions)

  2. What a sweet letter. And a whole body wave sounds adorable!


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