Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween & Go Chiefs

The timing of the Chiefs' Monday Night Football game was perfect for our costumes!! Let's pretend I planned it that way!

 Here's our football player!

And the cutest little cheerleader ever!
{check out these moves-- she's a total natural!}

We went to the Fall Festival at our church! Here's a few pictures of our fun evening!

The bounce house

{do you notice Belle cheering as Jackson shoots?}

We wrapped Daddy up like a mummy

{only Jackson kept saying "like a Christmas present}

Haha. If you lick a marshmallow, it will stick to your forehead. I never knew...

Look at that good aim!

Daddy and Belle 
{after Derek said "She's too cute to be in the stroller!"}

We had a fun night. Jackson is so excited about all of his candy {mommy and daddy too}. It was a beautiful evening outside and we would have taken Jackson out trick-or-treating but he wasn't feeling to well {read: he was super cranky and uncooperative} so we just stayed in to watch the football game. Go Chiefs!

I love looking at kids in their costumes! Leave a comment with a link to your blog post of your kiddos all dressed up and I will go check it out!


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  1. hahahaahaha Jackson with the marshmallow on his head! HILARIOUS! I can't stop laughing


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