Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pray and Play

The kids and I spent our time a friends house for part of this morning to be a part of the Pray and Play group. Our MOPS group started meeting again last month and I'm excited to be able to join in the pray and play time this year!

It is precisely what it sounds like. The kiddos play and the mommies pray. We pray over the prayer requests submitted at the MOPS meeting the week prior and for our kiddos and husbands.

This was by far the most chaotic praying experience ever. There was an abundance of banging going on in the basement, a loud fussy baby {mine} along with fairy princesses joining us! 
I have got to figure out the book the Katherine brought today-- it's about how and what to pray for our children. I always try to pray for them, but I don't always know what to pray for exactly. Anyway, this book was a prayer guide about characteristics backed by scripture to pray for your kids. I can just remember two off the top of my head-- kindness and obedience-- but there were many, many more.

One of the mentor moms also had such a great tip that I thought I'd pass along. Being always on the go {and the times when I do get the chance to sit and relax, I generally just fall asleep}, finding a big chunk of time to pray is tough. But Debbie mentioned that she would pray for her children as she was picking up the house. Like, if I'm putting away Belle's laundry, I'd take that time to pray for her and if I'm picking up Jackson's toys that would be the time to pray specifically for him. What a neat way to be diligent about praying for our children! {And as one mom pointed out, this would be a guaranteed way to pray without ceasing!}

I didn't want to keep this tip all to myself, so I just had to share! Do you have a special way or handy tip that you use to pray for your children? Your spouse?



  1. That is awesome! I really like the praying for your kids while your putting away their laundry or picking up their toys. I've never thought of that before, but that would be a great reminder! I usually keep a prayer journal and try to make time to write in it the things I want to pray about. It's really cool to look back on old entries and see things I prayed about for Elisha before he was born or about situations I had prayed for and to see how God had answered those prayers/got me through those situations. Great post, Amy! :)

  2. This is adorable.. wish I could have been there! Save me a cupcake!


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