Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Patching

Derek had the day off yesterday so we ventured out in the perfect weather to visit the pumpkin patch! It was super fun! 

We enjoyed...
Feeding Goats

Riding "tractors"

Swinging on tire horses


{oops, he lassoed himself!}

Maze Navigating

 {looks like Jackson won this race!}

pumpkin photo-shooting

Hay Riding

Pumpkin Exploring

{this one is too little}

{this one is too big}

 {but this one is JUST RIGHT!}

We had so much fun! We bought the just-right pumpkin to carve and we got a smaller pumpkin to cook with. Let's just hope that's not a complete disaster. The best part is that we have a season pass {thanks Groupon!} and so we're sure to go back again!


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