Sunday, October 16, 2011

She's back!

Our favorite Dane is back!! According to Jackson, Julie is back from Capenhogen. Ha, it's close, right? 

Jackson has been especially hyper ever since we picked her up from the airport Friday night. He just can't get enough of her and he is glad he can finally have his birthday {we've told him all along that he will have his birthday party while she is here visiting}. 

We went up to Trenton for the Missouri Days festival on Saturday. Julie was Jackson's partner in collecting candy {and other goodies} from the parade!  

Jackson is so impressed that people actually throw candy {though not quite like last year-- please rewatch that video. So funny}. And he kept checking inventory of his loot.

And of course, Julie was excited to see Belle, who has grown so much in the past four months!
{In case that wasn't clear, it is Belle that has grown so much. Not Julie. She actually shrank a little.}

 And we happened to run into Chacey too! Chacey has major Julie withdrawal and apparently asks about her a lot. How cute are they?

Julie has used the phrase "our house" or "our home" a few times and that really, really makes me happy! We're going to have a great week- a busy week, but it will be good!

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  1. It seriously makes me light up to hear how big a part of your family Julie has become! She just seems like SUCH a sweet girl!! And the kids all love her! Which just makes her even cooler!

    And that first picture? Totally melts my heart!

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  3. It was awesome to see Julie at church yesterday. Sweet pictures. I know you will have loads of fun this week.

    On a separate note, Love the invitations!! I like the pink cowgirl. so cute.


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