Thursday, October 13, 2011

Starting Tomorrow

Okay folks, we have some exciting stuff going on here and it's all starting tomorrow! First of all, Derek has the day off. Woo hoo! Secondly, Julie is flying in to visit for a week and we are SUPER excited to see her! But that's probably more exciting for us than it is for you. Last, but certainly not least, tomorrow is the start of a super fabulous giveaway event... right here! The best part is that it will last until November with giveaways each week! 

Jackson's birthday is this month- I can't believe he is turning three! We wanted to do a party, but I feel weird about having our friends feel obligated to purchase a gift and we certainly do not need any toys. {Don't worry, we're doing family gifts, so he isn't completely missing out on the joy of a birthday!} So instead of gifts for Jackson, we've asked guests bring items to include in a care package to send to deployed soldiers. These items have been specifically been requested by the soldiers, so it is all sure to get good use. Here is the back of the invitation we sent out:
{ You'll get to see the front of the invitation tomorrow... it's part of the first giveaway!  }

The awesome part about it all is that these giveaways is that beyond offering a giveaway here to you guys, they have also contributed items to our care package and/or made a monetary donation to Kids Link. Some of the people I've been working with chose just to donate extra to the care package rather than bring attention to themselves for a giveaway. So get excited friends! And keep these shops in mind when it comes time to think Christmas gifts!

If you or someone you know would be interested in contributing to the care package and being a part of this giveaway event-- please contact me. I'd love to fit as much in as possible!


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