Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today's soundtrack

This, my friends, is the soundtrack from our car ride earlier today.

{yes I was driving. BUT I had set up the video function before I took off and all I did was hit record and hold the phone, which is why you only get to view the dashboard and not the kids themselves, even though I would love to have it on tape for blackmail use someday}.

Oh yes, be very jealous.

We were on our way home from a friends house. Now, maybe you think that Jackson is upset because he had to leave his friend. However, we actually left because Jackson started his crying, screaming fit while we were there and so we had no choice but to evacuate leave and come home.

And because he was crying/screaming in the car, it upset Belle who joined in on the fun. Both kids are now in bed, asleep. In fact, today is the very first time that Jackson got sent to nap without any lunch. I feel mean and awful. I talked to him kindly saying that I can't wait to play with him when he takes a nap and wakes up happy. {He will wake up happy, won't he!?}

I seriously have no idea where this fit came from and I am definitely hoping it never happens again. It's so unlike him! At least we weren't in the grocery store. Speaking of which, I needed to stop on the way home but decided it wouldn't really be a great idea. But now I don't have hamburger buns for dinner. Anyone want to pick some up for me??

I'm off to enjoy the quiet. And maybe catch up on this week's episode of Glee.

Edit: Jackson woke up in a great mood. A completely different kid. We're gonna have a good afternoon.


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