Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dashboard Confessional

There are two things that you don't want to see only days after buying a new van:
The service engine soon light and the error light were both present on our van just two days after driving off the lot. How nerve wrecking, but it's part of getting a used vehicle I guess. The good news is that we have a 90 day warranty. The better news is that after I called our dealer guy, he told us just to bring it back and they'd look at it and get it taken care of without even having to use the warranty. Isn't that great customer service!? And the guy sent me home in a different van they had on the lot until ours gets fixed! 

But did you notice that the dashboard also says it's 68 degrees outside?! What great weather for November 1st!! We, of course took advantage and played in the leaves for a little bit this morning.

 {notice our non-Nissan sitting in the driveway? It's a 1998 Chrysler. It comes with a tape deck and everything if you're interested!}

Belle really wasn't having too much fun in the leaves....

But she did in the swing! And check if you look closely-- you'll see our little girl now has TWO teeth! :)

Happy November!



  1. Super Cute blog and pictures. Your children are adorable. I am a new follower from iFellowship Christian Blog Hop.


    God Bless You.


  2. That's it. I can't feel sorry for you and your van when you've got weather like that. I'm sorry, but no fair! ;)

    Seriously though - hope it's an easy fix!


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