Friday, November 18, 2011

Nine months

Belle turned nine months yesterday!! She just gets more and more fun as time goes by and I just love her to pieces!! 

Dearest Belle,
You're nine months old!! You're such a big girl and SO full of personality. You are just the happiest little thing. You are way determined and don't give into my distractions very well. I think it's safe to say that you are strong willed and opinionated, but it suits you. I love watching you grow and getting to know you better each and every day.

You are wearing 6-9 month clothes, but I did unpack your 12 month clothes just because I wanted to switch up your wardrobe a little bit. The outfits are a little big, but just oh-so-cute. I just know there will be a day when I get no say in the clothing that you wear and so I am determined to play dress up with you as much as I want while I can. You started wearing size 3 diapers this month too.

Things that you like to do: crawl everywhere, stand {holding on whatever you can find to support you}, stick out your tongue, squeal, put everything in your mouth, and anything Jackson is doing.

Jackson is your favorite person. It is so much fun to watch you two play together! You get so excited when he comes in with me to get you out of your crib and you just love when you get to play on Jackson's bed after he wakes up from nap. You love to destroy his train tracks play trains with Jackson and any toy that he might be interested in at the moment. {I foresee the moment when we're on vacation and I want you to get a pretty little pick umbrella with your name on it as your souvenir, but you insist on getting a coon-skin hat and a cap gun. It happened to some other little girl I know and it drove her mother crazy. I wouldn't recommend it. Don't ask Grammy about it, K? And PS, this why I'm taking advantage to dressing you up now.}

You've been saying Dada for the longest time now and this month, you've started to say Mama and it is SO CUTE! Your little mouth is just so cute when you move your lips. I am a bit disappointed that Dada is your happy sound and Mama is often used when you're fussy. That's not cool.

Did I mention that you're a little strong willed? Well, this month you've decided that you no longer need to eat any food that comes from a utensil that I may be using to feed you. Nope, you only want to eat food that you can pick up and put in your mouth yourself. And you go totally out of your way to make sure the spoon doesn't get shoved in-- you close your mouth so tight and you squirm in your highchair and hid your face in the corner by the tray so there is no even trying. You turkey. What am I supposed to do with the cabinet full of baby food that you won't eat!? And you're appetite is just about half of what it was last month. Totally stressed me out for awhile, but you're cheeks are still chubby so I guess you're just fine.

Sleeping hasn't gone super well this month. This month was kind of a long month, really. With teething, flu shots, stomach bugs, the time change-- sleeping just wasn't as smooth as it has been in the past. Waking up multiple times a night, fighting naps... it's been rough, but we're back in a groove and you're back to sleeping better. You go to bed around 8-8:30 and generally you get up around 6am, but if I give you a bottle, you'll play and go back to sleep until around 8am.

You spent a decent amount of time being sick this month and you weren't your typical easy-going, always happy little self. But really, it made me realize what a great baby you are most all of the time! I knew you felt crummy and that made me sad for you, but I enjoyed the cuddling, because that is just something you never really do!! You even fell asleep while I held you for the FIRST time. I didn't want to ever put you down, but eventually I did. However, when you fell asleep on Daddy, he just held you so still for two hours. You've kinda got a hold on him. And me. And Grandma, Grandpa, Grammy, Papa... you're just so sweet that everyone just loves you so much.

Some pictures from this month:

{I may or may not have bribed you with an oreo so you'd be continent sitting in your high chair for longer so I could clean!}

Finally captured the classic pose- you lay like this often. It's only cute because you're a baby-- not when you're older. 

I can't believe I don't have a picture of you standing up! You love to stand up on anything you can, even if it's the chair that some other patron is using in the doctor's office waiting room! The good news {for me} is that you haven't shown a big interest in walking yet. I'm totally okay if you want to wait awhile! 

You're our little princess, Belle! We love you lots and lots.
Love, Mommy and Daddy

Nine month stats: 
  • weight: 18.9 pounds (40%)
  • height: 27.5 inches (47%)
  • head circumference: 18 inches (91%)


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  1. She is so so cute! Haha, love all her pictures.. make me smile =)


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