Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photo dump

I haven't blogged this week because I have been without a camera! No one likes to read posts without pictures-- especially when my last post was so long! I happened to be playing with Derek's phone tonight {because mine has totally gone ballistic after getting a little Dr. Pepper spilled on it} and I stumbled across a ton of pictures I forgot I used his camera to take and even some pictures I haven't even seen before. So, I thought I'd share.
Jackson and his birthday ice cream at Yogurtini

Again, out for Jackson's birthday {which I haven't blogged about because I until now I'd forgotten we had any pictures from the evening- expect one soon!}I love the look Jackson is giving Derek!

Blurry-- but aren't these kids cute!?

Belle is super happy to be eating Oklahoma Joe's-- the best KC BBQ!

Ha- this poop fiasco happened while I was out{thank goodness!} and Derek took a picture to make sure I know what he had to deal with! I found the seat out in the backyard when I got home....

Driving cars at the Home Depot

Chacey came to visit {in May}!

Jackson and Papa worked on building an airplane

Where'd this sweet and innocent looking kid come from!?

Smiley little girl!!!

Jackson getting off the train with Grandma {coming home from St. Louis!}

Jackson and Daddy watching some baseball at the Royals game

At the Maverick's game on my birthday

Cutie pie.

I love seeing Derek all dressed up in his Class A's, so he took this and sent it to me back when he was still in Georgia.

The day Belle was born-- with Aunt Ashley!


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