Monday, November 21, 2011


Jackson has been three now for almost a month. I'm so glad I finally got around to doing an interview. This was so much fun to do. I am a few weeks late on getting this done, but I’m pretty sure the answers would have been the same. The actual interview process was interesting. I opened a package of smarties and gave him one piece for every answer he gave me, but it was still quite challenging!


Aren’t some of his answers just so sweet!? When I asked him what made him happy and he said, “You make me happy, Mommy” he actually leaned over and patted my leg. Swoon! Then when he answered that he loves that I hug him, he gave me a big hug too. And then all the answers about his daddy, those are just so sweet! I hope he grows up like his daddy, too!

*The what makes you sad question took a couple of tries. This is the answer I got when I first asked: “My toes don’t make me sad. They are stuck! It’s hard to take my toes off!” all said while he is pulling on his toes actually trying to take them off. Where/how he comes up with stuff is soooo beyond me.
I am really looking forward to keeping up with this each year!

Here are a few pictures of our favorite little fella.301093_213813158679181_210478509012646_585792_2093619938_n


We sure do the little guy. He definitely keeps us busy, but he always makes us laugh! Here are a few more Jackson-isms:
  • He introduces himself, “I’m dude, babe, and Jackson and I’m 3” but he says it so fast no one has any idea what he’s said. Dude, Babe, and Jackson are the three nickname he deems acceptable.
  • He pronounces the “k” sound like “ch” as in ‘ch-itchen’ and ‘ch-etsup’ and he does it with the K in his name so it still sounds like “Jackshon”.
  • He uses adjectives to differentiate things in humorous ways. “can you pass the tooty-mustard” {because sometimes it makes that sound when you first try to use it}. “Are we going to the bumpy church” {the church where we attend MOPS has a speed bump in the parking lot.
  • He will NOT let you get away with calling our van a car. As Derek and I simply cannot grasp this idea, we often say things like “I think his jacket is in the car” and Jackson will interrupt, “It’s not a car, it’s a VA-AA-N!”. It was pretty bad when Jackson had to correct us three times the other morning as we were loading up for church. Why can’t we learn?
  • He will say “open” to the automatic doors at Target when we leave. And he say's “thank you” when we pass by. Ohmigoodnes, it’s hilarious. Especially when sometimes he stands in front of the non-automatic door shouting, “OPEN!!!” and it doesn’t' work.
  • He pronounces ‘hamburger’ as ‘hang-a-ber’. It’s the only word besides “Santa” that he has ever outright mispronounced consistently, regardless of correction. It’s kind of cute.
Thee year old stats:
38 pounds-- 94 percentile
37 3/4 inches-- 59 percentile

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