Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Recap

We had a great Christmas this year. We broke tradition and did things a little differently so it was very special! Busy, but really good!

The kids opened stockings on the 23rd right before we headed out the door to travel to Trenton.


We had a birthday cake for Mom that night at Grandma’s House. {we had an awesome party earlier in the week I will have to post about soon!}


We stayed up in Trenton for a few days and we got to hang out with our family from Chicago! We practically only see them in passing, so it was nice to have days to hang out. Jackson was found of Jeff {or his ipad at least!}


Jackson enjoyed the candlelight service next to Grammy


This is Grandma and the four generations of Brummitt-girls.


After the Christmas-Eve service, we ate dinner back at Grandma’s and then we opened her stockings.


Belle’s shirt says, “Whatever Santa doesn’t bring me, Grandma will!” She had to wear it on Christmas eve to make sure her expectations were known.


Belle and Aunt Ashley


Belle giving Uncle Phil some kissy-faces


And being pestered by Papa.


Christmas Morning: Aunt Wawa, Wake up! It’s time to open presents!


All I want for Christmas is my Auntie!


Look! She got one!


Jackson got his markers, the one and only request of Santa.


He opened the rest of his presents, mostly as different super heroes.


After breakfast, we had brunch. It was delish. Then, we had our own little church service in the family room. {which beats getting kids dressed and ready and out the door on this busy morning!}


We went to visit another Grandma next. Those pictures are on my sisters camera. Hopefully she posts them on facebook soon.

And then we traveled back down to the city to have Christmas with Derek’s family. Jackson helped Papa Forrest read the Bible story from him Hey Diddle Diddle Book.


Belle got to hang out with Aunt Dixie


And, of course, there were more presents. And a nice big Christmas dinner. Yum! We played some games, watched a movie, and just enjoyed hanging out! We even spent the night. There are pictures of these events, but my camera died, so I have to be annoying and get them from other people.

It was nice for Derek to have Monday off as we recovered from the craziness of the days before. We’ve had some time to just relax with our own little family, but have been doing fun stuff with more family throughout this week!

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