Thursday, December 8, 2011

Family Pictures

I have been meaning to do family pictures ever since Belle joined our family in February.... so it only makes sense that we just got some taken at the end of November, right!? Oh well, it's perfect timing for Christmas cards! I contacted one of Julie's friends from Delleguardia Photography and we went over to main street to take a few pictures. Take a peek: 

{this photo was actually Jackson's idea-- "Get on the tire, Mom!", "Get on the other tire, Dad!"}

I love these shots of Derek and the kids!

Our rambunctous & energetic, sweet & cuddly little guy!

Our precious little girl!

 {Yes, this is the only face he would make for the camera at this point... thanks kid!}

I really wanted to get a decent picture of both of the kids together with the Christmas lights, but after an hour of photos {during naptime} wasn't really condusive towards that idea. Oh well. These are still cute individually!

This is our family-- November 2011!


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