Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

So, I was able to get a video of Jackson as Buzz Lightyear. He was distracted by the camera and didn’t jump fly as much as normal, but it captures how much he really gets into the role… and how much this kid talks!!

So in case you didn’t follow along… this is how the casting goes.

First, Derek is Jessie. But then Jackson changes his mind and I become Jessie.Jessiewallpaper1

Then Derek becomes “not anything”, but Jackson decides Derek is the big dinosaur.282px-Rex3

Belle is the pig {she’s normally the dinosaur, so this is new!}282px-Hamm3

And then I get switched to being “tato-head”282px-Mrpotatohead1

Being short on people, Jackson casts the chair as Woody.toy-story-3-woody

And of course, Jackson is Buzz. He’s always Buzz through out most of every day. 282px-Buzz3
{all images are from

He insists that his blanket be tied around his neck and he jumps from couch to ottoman to other couch and so forth for many, many times through out the day. One day Jackson is going to realize and be pretty disappointed that Buzz doesn’t actually have a cape. Oh, and Buzz never wears a shirt. Just the camp.


I am super glad I already picked up a Buzz costume that Jackson will get as a Christmas present. Something tells me that it will get a lot of use! I hope my couches and upholstered-coffee-table-turned-ottoman can survive the countless Buzz Lightyear flying attempts.

Jackson dug out this old motorcycle helmet we have lying around {which is up for grabs if anyone wants it!} and insisted on wearing it around. He loves the helmet and it surprisingly, well not too surprisingly—he has a big head, it fits him rather snug. He loves to flip the shield up and down. But one thing is for sure… it’s not very conducive to picking your nose. SAM_7087

And I of course had to take a picture before I told him to stop. Priorities!

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