Monday, December 12, 2011

Welcome home camera

I finally have my camera back after having it sent off to be fixed {thanks to accident protection plan from Best Buy}. Anyway, in honor of this celebration {because I've been incomplete without it this past month!} you get a peek into what we did tonight! So glad we actually did something other than grocery shop or clean.

We played hide and seek- Jackson gets all of the good places because he's small. But he's an incredibly bad hider as he likes to say where he is hiding the moment some says "ready or not, here I come!"

Jackson and Belle played with the nativity set.

Well, Belle was more concerned with eating the camel, really.

We put ornaments up on the tree!

I tried to get Belle to wear the Santa hat, but she wasn't having it.

We went out side for the unveiling of the Chistmas lights that Derek and Forrest put up this weekend...

...only to have some of them work!!! So Derek spent several minutes on the roof trying to figure out the problem.

I don't have a picture of Jackson being Buzz Lightyear {that was before I remembered where my battery and SD card were}. I will have to document that because it's quite humorous. Daddy was Woody, me Jessie, and Belle was the dinosaur {all at Jackson's request}.

Eventually I won't be so enthusiastic about having my camera back, but until I do, expect lots of posts!


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  1. Cute pictures! Love Jackson's hiding spot lol, too cute!


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