Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Quotable Kid

I would love this little book to write down all of the things Jackson says. Unfortunately for me (a good thing for our checkbook) this guy is out of stock so this virtual space of mine will just have to do! I really didn't know motherhood would make me laugh so much. I love it!!
Here are some of Jackson's recent notable quotes:

  • If you ask Jackson his name, he will say "I'm Jackson (pronounced Jackshon) and I'm two and a half!" In all actuality, a stranger is more likely to know he is two and a half than to know his name. 
  • When I say, "Do you understand me?" he replies by saying "Yes Man."
  • He uses the word "shark" interchangeably with "sharp". Is that too shark for me?
  • In Jackson's world you pay for something and you get whatever you want. One night when we couldn't see the moon, he asked if I could pay for the moon so he could look at it from his window. He also asked for money the other day so that he could buy cookies for Daddy. 
  • Jackson is exploring using emotion words and he doesn't always get it right. Sitting at Dairy Queen a few weeks ago, he is delighting in his ice cream and proclaims, "I'm upset" in the most matter of fact sort of tone. He was convinced he was upset, but we were convinced otherwise. This morning, Jackson was talking to Derek on the phone and he proclaimed, "but you just made me mad!" in the sweetest little voice. Ha. No idea. 
  • Also speaking to Daddy-- the other day, the two were wrestling around when Jackson stops and gets so serious. He gives Derek a big hug and says, "I'm so glad you're here" in the sweetest, affectionate voice. He really meant it!
  • I have convinced Jackson that because I am the mommy I can kiss him whenever I want (and I do). He loves to run while I tackle him to give some kisses. But when he doesn't want a kiss, he say's "You're not my mommy" because he knows he can't say, "don't kiss me/you can't kiss me". 
  • We drove by the an amusement park the other day and he says, pointing to a roller coaster, "I want to ride that so I can go AHHHHHH!!" I told him that needs to get taller before he can ride a roller coaster and he has asked me every day if he is tall enough yet. Once, he sat up higher in his chair and asked if that made him tall enough. 

Sometimes Derek and I just lay in bed and laugh about all of the funny things that Jackson comes up with. We love this kid. Derek keeps asking when Belle is going to talk. I definitely look forward to hearing her interpretations of the world around her, but once she starts talking too my ears are never ever going to get a break!!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two Super Grovers

Our cute friend Chacey came to play today! We sure do miss her! It took a little while for the kiddos to get back in their grove-- Chacey doesn't feel as much ownership of this space as she once did and Jackson, not having to share his toys much anymore, has lost interest in sharing them ever. But after jumping on the bed, sliding, and playing in the fort- they got back in a grove. And then they became Super Grover. 

Super Grover = blankets tied as capes and running laps around the house as if you were Grover from Sesame Street. Derek was just happy to have a break and to not have to be the second superhero tonight!

(It wasn't just Chacey over. I feel as if my readers might think Chacey just is motherless and just never appears, but her mom, Elizabeth, and I are friends! Even though I sort of think she uses me so she can hang out with Belle.

Anyway, we got to chat and hang out whilest our husbands were out doing more fun things than watching kids... but it was good.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fort Jackson

Not the army post located in South Carolina. We're talking Fort Jackson right here in our very house here in Kansas City.

Jackson has a new (to us) bed! It's a loft bed with a slide. Add some curtains to the bottom and he has a nifty little fort! Of course, he loves it. And of course it's added a challenge to bedtime, but it's getting better as the newness wears off. It really is super fun and Derek is a bit jealous that he doesn't  didn't have one.

Here's a video of Jackson enjoying his new bed!

Quite a bit of fun for a hand-me-down bed! And Great-Grandpa picked up some race car sheets at a garage sale that make the bed even cooler! Jackson is in little boy heaven!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Six Months!

I know I say this every month, but I really can't believe Belle is already 6 months old! She is seriously the happiest baby you've ever met (I've seen her smile while crying at times!). Also, the squirmiest. And definitely the cutest!

Dear Belle,

First off, I have to say that I love your name. I don't know exactly what it is, but I just love it. And people say such sweet things when I tell them your name! A guy at the store actually said, "how charming!" once... and it took all my restraint not to say, "I know, isn't it!?!?" Ha. Sometimes, okay often, you get called Bella-- which is NOT your name, but I try not to get all crazy about it. I should have seen it coming; Isabella was the number one name last year for little girls. Oh well! I still love your name!

I spent an entire week without you this month. It was miserable without you! I missed you and your happy smile so much. Grammy took good care of you.

Seriously, you are the happiest. baby. ever!!!! Look at this smile!

This month has been a big month for you. You started sleeping through the night 100% of the time. Yay!!! Also, you figured out baby food really wasn't that bad and actually started opening your mouth to eat! That has made meal times *so* much easier. You're starting to sit up for longer periods of time, but you haven't mastered it completely because you just WILL NOT hold still. And that leads us to your biggest milestone-- you started crawling! You are one ambitious little girl, I must say. (watch the video here)

You enjoy sitting in high chairs (and carts) when we go places! Look at you!!

You're going to sleep routine has become pretty easy over this past month. We can just put you down, unswaddled, and you will play until you sleep! Super easy. You love to cuddle with Pink Ruff-Ruff (a gift from a friend) and I have found you on more than on occasion with your head covered whether it be with Pink Ruff-Ruff, the bumper pad, your clothes... weird, but cute. You are very good at playing in your crib after you wake up and you are simply delightful when we come get you out. 

cuddling with and covered by pink ruff-ruff!

 Your schedule goes something like this: 
Awake: 8ish, 6 oz bottle
Nap: 9:30ish
Awake: 10:30-11ish, play/run errands
Lunch: another 6 oz bottle, baby food- yum!
Nap: 12:30-1:30ish
Awake: 3-4ish, another bottle, play!
Quick Nap: between 5-6ish, about 30 minutes
Awake: Playtime with daddy, bottle, baby food dinner!
Bedtime: between 8-9ish
Other tidbits: People tell me all of the time that you look just like me, even Daddy. You do have his chin, but I guess the rest is all me. You entertain yourself, and us, with your tongue (watch video here). It is just about as wiggly as your body. You jibber-jabber all of the time. (My parents would probably agree to saying that is just like me as well). And your happy sounds are very loud and high pitched. We love when you're happy, but we don't love the sounds. You really aren't much of a giggle-er. Sometimes you let out a little chuckle, but even as I continue to flail about in the same fashion that triggered the first laugh, you keep your amusement to yourself. But it does make the times you do let out some giggles that much more precious!

You chew on everything, but no teeth yet.

You have the ability, but outright refuse to hold your bottle.

And you love to swing! (outside anyway; not a fan of the baby swing)

You helped Aunt Laura move into her college dorm last week.

Belle, you are so much fun right now! Daddy loves coming home to play with you. You are super easy going and just so happy all of the time. I'm having so much fun watching you get bigger each and every day. We love you so much sweetie!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


In the TWO WEEKS it's been since I've blogged, we have been very busy. This has been the longest time without a post since I first started! Here's light review: Hopefully I will get around to posting more details about our end of summer fun!

Derek took a couple of days off work and we traveled to St. Louis for a mini vacation. We went to visit his brother and family and we also squeezed in some time at a few of the local attractions.

On our way to St. Louis, we grabbed some McDonalds for dinner. Much to my surprise, there was an 8gb micro SD card included with my cheeseburger. I did happen to take the card back (after browsing the contents, of course) and for my "troubles" they comped my meal. Not so sure I think that's enough. Even though no harm was done, there was potential for major damage! I mean, it easily could have been in Jackson's food and those cards are tiny. 

Derek and I went to a Royals game with Derek's company one Sunday afternoon. We were in the dugout suite and it was cool. Like, dugout as in the other half of the dug out that the players are in. Great view!

A friend from high school came down to visit last week. It was fun! Exhausting, but fun. She has twin two-year-old boys... so add that to my two year old plus an infant-- we were outnumbered and busy! So glad she could spend a few days with us!

Breakfast for three! 

We visited Deanna Rose Farmstead last week and got to see how they milk a cow. Jackson was pretty interested and enjoys telling people that milk comes from cows. 

Last weekend was Derek's army duty weekend. Jackson was invited to go to the State Fair with Derek's parents. He had tons of fun and even got to ride a pony. I took Belle and visited my parents house to spend time with the family before both of my sisters leave for college this week (crazy!!). I worked at a wedding at the Ranch on Saturday night. 

Yesterday, Belle started CRAWLING! Seriously, I was so not prepared for her to be on the go quite so soon. And in our attempts to get our house organized and rearranged, we put together a new (hand-me-down) bed for Jackson. He loves it, but has a hard time staying in when it's time to actually sleep.

And lastly, I've been pretty crafty lately, so I've been spending the time I would typically be going through pictures and blogging working on some super fun crafts. I can't wait to share about them. I'll leave you with this: these are the goodies I picked up at a Salvation Army while we were in St. Louis and all are being upcycled to cool things for the house. Two are completed, one in progress, and another is awaiting more supplies!

I still feel like I just need to sit and say, "whew!!!" In fact, I just did. Ha. I'm a dork.



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