Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eleven Months

Eleven months. Holy Moley! Next month we’ll be having her birthday party and I just quite believe it! It’s been a fun month and of course, we just love our little sweetie to the moon and back.

Belle 11 months

Dear Belle,

Wow! You’re eleven months old now! You have four teeth and you’ve started taking steps! Pretty soon you’ll be begging to get your license! Ha. Maybe not, but it all feels like you’re just growing so fast. You are still just the happiest little baby. I love when people say, “is she this happy all the time?” and I get to say, “Yes, she really is!”

You are super ticklish, especially on your neck. You can’t control your deep belly laugh when you’re getting tickled and it is so cute!!! You always giggle when I give you lots of kisses. I love it!

Watching your reaction when Daddy comes home is one of my favorite parts of my day—his too. You will stop anything that you were previously focused on and crawl at the speed of light when you see him. You will push any toy out of the way and you will crawl over any obstacle; nothing will break your determination. It is *so* cute to see how much you love Daddy. It really makes him feel special and I hope you continue to give your daddy hugs all of your life. Dads need that.

Jackson is still one of your favorite people. He can make you laugh at the silliest little things. You two love to play together and I really enjoy watching. When we go to a friend’s house or even in the doctor’s office waiting room, you two gravitate to each other. I hope you guys continue to stay close! Don’t get offended when he doesn’t want to play all the time. He’s just a boy and he’s also older. But one day when he calls you old, you can just turn around and say, “well, you’re older!” {I had to do this to Uncle Phil last week!}

You started taking steps just last week!!!! You’ve been cruising around furniture for months and then it was just like one day you decided, “hey, I can take some steps!” I feel that the term ‘walking’ is ambitious, but you’re almost there. The thing that is most successful at getting you to walk—holding a stuffed animal. It’s amazing, you *love* stuffed animals. You always sleep with one. Whenever you first pick up a stuffed animal, you always squeeze it and cuddle close. Some of your Christmas presents were animals and you gave them kisses first thing! You’re already a loving, compassionate little person.

Practicing some steps while in line at Oklahoma Joe’s—
now if that’s not enough reason to walk, I don’t know what is!!SAM_7597

This month you celebrated your first Christmas. You actually spent most of Christmas morning cranky, but we took you all out of your element, so it was kind of our fault. Wrapping paper was your favorite. And you looked super cute in the tutu I made you!


We took you in for allergy testing this month. It is pretty early for this kind of testing, but your brother has some severe allergies and I just wanted to see if we needed to be taking special precautions with you. And the best news—no allergies! Well, no food allergies. But maybe you’ve lucked out and gotten my immune system. :) The not as good news is that you lactose intolerant. Crummy news, but it explains why you have always had the most catastrophic poops I have ever seen. I know it’s not very ladylike to mention it and I won’t announce it during your senior slideshow or anything, but it was seriously bad. Things are finally “normal” now that you’re off milk formula. It could be something you outgrow, but it’s not life threatening and easy to work with so I won’t complain. Sorry that it took us so long to figure out what was going on, but you’re such a happy baby we weren’t really sure if anything was actually wrong!


Let’s talk about hair. I am so, so glad that you have lots of hair. It is super, duper straight. Not a bit of curl, which really isn’t like anyone in our family. You’ll love it when you’re older! But right now, it just looks a little awkward most of the time. It’s really long at your side burns and the middle of your head, but not so much anywhere else. Bows are a hit and miss with you. When I blow dry your hair right after a shower or bath, it does look fluffy and cute, but that just doesn’t happen all of the time. And check out this bedhead—once it happens, there isn’t anything you can do about it without fully submerging your head in water. It’s way bad.

2012 January

But I did get actually manage to get you in pigtails yesterday!! They are kind of like little horns, but at least it looks like I actually tried. And it beats the above hairstyle. You weren’t much of a fan, but I’m hoping you get used to it because I truly believe that little girls are made for pigtails.


Two words: Daddy’s girl. You sat like this for several minutes {which is like eternity in Belle cuddle time!}. You really have become more cuddly this month in general. Maybe you’ve figured out that it’s okay to relax every once in awhile and not always be on the move. Whatever it is, both Daddy and I love it.


You look so cute all bundled up in your fluffy coat. You aren’t really a fan, but I’m not either. It is a pain to get on you and then buckle you in the carseat. Let’s just hope for a continuation of the super nice winter and that we won’t need it much longer!


This is your favorite spot. If I am in the kitchen, you are here. You love this cabinet and cookie cutter drawer. You would actually prefer to play under the sink, but I won’t let you. Go ahead and sign me up for the mean mommy award.


And lastly, girl, you love to climb. Anything and everything. Sometimes I see you holding on to something just trying to get your foot up high enough to climb higher. You can’t stop your feet from climbing! Of course, stairs are your favorite. Climbing up Jackson’s slide is your second favorite. You are quick and quiet. I was making Jackson’s bed and I didn’t even know you were capable of climbing until you just appeared on the bed! About gave me a heart attack.


Jackson got this little chair for Christmas and you like to stand in it more than he gets to sit in it!


And just the other night as I was getting you a bottle at some ungodly hour as you were screaming {no, you’re not consistently sleeping through the night. not cool} and as I was about to your room and I heard a giant thud and MORE screaming. Yes, you climbed out of your crib and fell. When I picked you up, you were still basically asleep—wouldn’t even open your eyes. I didn’t really sleep much more than night because I was so worried. We are going to figure out a way to move your mattress down even lower this weekend.

Daddy cannot stand for you to even get a tiny boo-boo. If you keep this fearless attitude, you might near drive him crazy. We love your outgoing, active, independent, determined little personality. As parents we will do our best to foster those traits and help you grow to become exactly who God made you to be. We love you so very much, but always remember that Jesus loves you even more!

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