Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Sunshine

I don’t want to be lame and talk about weather, but seriously… it has been SO nice lately! The past two winters here have been cold, snowy, and overcast. And so far this year, we’ve had mild coldness, one light dusting of snow, and lots of sunshine! Temps were up near the 60s on Christmas day {kinda weird, but I won’t complain}.

We’ve totally been taking advantage of the sunshine and nice weather. Goodness knows, we might have a snow storm tonight! I snapped some pictures while we played today.

Swinging is definitely the favorite activity of both my kidsSAM_7559


This is a happy face, I promise!

Check out the crazy hair!SAM_7567

Belle is always watching Jackson. He has a special way of making her laugh. I love watching them interact together!SAM_7570

All week, Jackson has gone out “driving” to go “pick up some ketchup”. Apparently he thinks we are running low, but thankfully he is keeping up fully stocked. At the time I snapped the picture, he was looking at the smoke line that a rocket ship {airplane} left in the sky.


It’s so crazy to think about Belle being old enough to actually play outside and that Jackson has such a wild imagination. Watching my kids grow and learn is such a blessing! I love most every minute of it!

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