Monday, January 23, 2012

Space Bound

Ask any mom—Indoor playplaces are like goldmines, especially during these yucky cold months. My kids have so much energy, like, all of the time I am desperate to find a place for them, as Jackson would say, ‘get all their energies out’ other than running laps around the house and climbing on chairs, kitchen cabinets, etc. We love Monkey Bizness but they are so far away that we don’t get to go often. All of this to say, is that we have our own indoor inflatable play place, Space Bound, that just opened up here in Belton and I am beyond ecstatic.

The basics:
  • Cost is $7 for ages 3+, $5 for 2 and under {or free with paid sibling}, and parents are FREE.
  • There are four inflatables and a baby/toddler corner.
  • There are comfy/reclining type seats, as well as tables and chairs.
  • FREE wi-fi.
  • A few snacks and drinks are available for purchase, no outside food allowed. {water bottles and sippy cups allowed.}
  • If you’ve paid a full price admission, you are allowed to leave {eat lunch, let the kids nap, do whatever} and then come back in for FREE.
  • There are early bird specials—check the website for more information!
  • Birthday parties are available and start at $50
We have been to play three times in two weeks. It’s really fun for all sorts of ages. Jackson loves it and he plays hard and fast. There were several elementary aged kids running around having just as much fun. Space Bound really put in some thought and even though Belle loves the inflatables, she also has so much fun in the baby/toddler section! It’s fun for bigger kids parents too! Derek ran around with Jackson for about an hour. He was exhausted, but he had fun!

So, here's a tour: This is the view from the front door.

The Castle.

It has a large bounce area, but also a climbing wall and a slide. Jackson normally spends most of his time in this one!
2012 January1

Next is obstacle course inflatable, number one
It's made with two lanes so you can race!

It starts with a tunnel and ends with a slide with lots of fun in the middle! Belle obviously can't make it through the whole thing yet, but she likes the poles she can knock over. In the bottom right picture you can see that it's a close race between Derek and Jackson!
2012 January2

Next, the big slide

This is pretty basic, but it's a definite favorite and it's fun for all ages!
2012 January5

Obstacle Course number two

This one is the largest inflatable! Jackson loves to race.
2012 January3

Lastly is the baby/toddler area! 

Look at all these fun toys to keep these guys occupied! Belle loves the inflatables, but it's nice to have things for her to play with on solid ground when there are lots of big kids around {or when I am ready to just sit down and relax for a minute}
2012 January6

Speaking of relaxing, check out the nice chairs. Super comfy, they bounce and lean back. Perfect for enjoying the free wi-fi. This may seriously be my favorite part. We love other area play places, but I have to sit on a hard bench or the floor. This is fabulous. 

Surely you've picked up on my enthusiasm for having Space Bound here in town! If you plan on visiting lots and lots {like us} you should get one of their punch cards for $60. It's good for 12 admissions, which breaks down to $5 a visit and saves $24 overall. 

I spent one afternoon sitting and visiting with the owners and they are a super sweet family. They have three kiddos-- the lucky lads! Can you imagine growing up getting to jump and play all the time? They were coloring when I visited, so I guess the awesome-ness might lose it's charm for some. But not my kid. He bounces on my couch day and night, which goes to further explain why I am in love with this place. 

Want to check it out? Please invite us! We want to go and it's really better for me if Jackson has a friend to play with. That prevents me from climbing through the obstacle courses with baby in tow while racing him. It's perfect for a group of moms meeting {unlike our local McDonalds that only has three tables in the play area!}. 

Okay, enough about me going on and on. Are you still reading!? Just go check it out. Be sure to "like" the Space Bound facebook page to keep up with the latest offers and extended hours! 

Disclaimer: I was compensated in a form of a pass to visit Space Bound and to write this review. All opinions are my true own and were not influenced by my compensation! I wouldn't tell you I loved something if I truly didn't love it! 

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