Sunday, February 26, 2012

The weekend

We have had a wonderful weekend! Even though it’s been full of mostly routine and boring tasks: cleaning, budgeting, laundry… we’ve managed to squeeze in some super fun family time and even time with friends! It’s the first time in a weeks that I’ve just relaxed and put school completely on the back burner. {And now that Monday is approaching, I need to get my tush in gear! I have a presentation on Wednesday!}

Friday night, we went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse {with a groupon so it was super cheap!}. We considered going kid-less to enjoy some alone time on a date night, but we decided to have a family date night and I am so glad that we did. We had such a super nice time with the kids and Jackson was so excited about that place. His exact words were, “This is so awesome!” We took the kids by the mall afterwards and let them play.




Jackson is approaching the age when he actually wants to put money
in the slot to make the rides work. Up until now, he’s been
perfectly content just climbing/sitting/steering!


Saturday was the day filled with pretty boring stuff, but we managed to squeeze in grocery shopping, a trip to the DMV, cleaning house and cooking dinner. I managed to take a two hour {must needed} nap and we even had friends over for dinner!

These are our friends Kaylynn {pronounced Kay-when and/or the-girl-who-calls-me-Jack} and Kennedy. Derek and I went to college with Matt and Kandice. It’s so weird to look at pictures of our kids playing together and thinking back when we all lived in Springfield and hung out at the Baptist Student Union! Now we’re all grown up {mostly} and our kids play together. So weird. I’m super excited that Matt and Kandice have moved up here to Kansas City! We’re totally looking forward to hanging out with them more.

Isn’t this picture super cute!? Don’t mess with us—we have a collection of super heroes to protect us at this house! SAM_8059

Costume change!SAM_8066

And Sunday we did the normal wake up late, get ready for church super fast, get to church late routine. I guess Jackson’s Sunday school class took a tour of the church today and they passed by the worship band when Derek was playing the drums and Jackson was really proud/excited to see his Daddy up on stage. I wish I could have seen it! Derek spent the afternoon playing disc golf with a new friend while I just enjoyed the quietness around the house.

And after evening church we had a house-full of friends come over to watch the Oscars! I love watching the Oscars every year. And just like Billy Crystal said, “What we need in this economy is to watch millionaire give gold statues to one another!” We all filled out Oscar ballots… and I won {of the people still remaining when the show finished up!}. Woo hoo! I am really hoping Derek and I can catch up on some of the movies from this year {in the time I don’t have!}. Does it count that I have at least read the book for a couple?

My ballot—8 out of 24, a whopping 33%… but that’s all it took to take home the prize. Which was nothing. But I’m always up for any thing that happens to be a competition!2 (3)

Looking ahead our week is a hectic one. Parents as Teachers and Finance meeting at church on Monday, Tuesday classes, Belle doctor appointment, Wednesday presentation, Thursday shots {Jackson} and then Derek has a 3 day weekend with the Army and I’ve gotta find something to keep me occupied so I don’t go stir crazy with the kiddos!

We always manage to squeeze in some nice family time, so even when it’s super crazy, we have a good time.

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  1. What a weekend! You need a day to rest from all the coming and going you did! Super cute pictures, too. I sort of wish that our mall had a nice play space, too. But, that would just extend our time there...and probably cause me to buy something I don't need!


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