Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Deja Vu

This was always one of my favorite pictures! It was taken on August 20, 2009 {just a few days shy of being 10 months}


This one was taken today, March 7th, 2012 {Three years, four months old}


Another from 2009


And today


I am captivated by these pictures. I’ve been staring at them for several minutes. I really needed this! Being three is clearly a difficult age and it has been difficult to parent! We nearly didn’t make it to McDonalds with Grandpa today because of some serious toddler attitude. As he was playing, I remember taking these pictures a couple of years ago and I just felt the need to take some more! Looking at these pictures and comparing has been a much needed reminder of how fast kids really grow. This difficult age is just a phase. Before I know it, he’ll be too big for a happy meal, he’ll be using real dumb bells {not climbing on styrofoam ones!}, and he won’t be so eager for me to snap his picture. He sure is the same happy little fella! I’m definitely gonna soak up some little boy hugs and cuddles as soon as he wakes up from nap!!


  1. What a wonderful post (and a sweet little boy!) It does go by so swiftly! Stopping by from ifellowship..Blessings on your day!

  2. Aw- what a cutie! I concur- it goes by in the flash of a second!

  3. My youngest is 3 as well. I know exactly how you are feeling/thinking! He's so cute, but certainly has attitude. I can say that it does get better! I have a 6 year old as well. It most certainly gets better!

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  5. Oh honey I know exactly how you feel. My little man is three too. That's actually pretty funny, your name is Amy and your son Jackson is name is Amy and my son Jackson is're like my long lost sister!! ;)) Thanks for your comments and linking up on my blog.

  6. What cuties you've got! Found you through a linky. Cute blog.

  7. I LOVE these pictures! I have three boys and my oldest is now 12 years old. When he was one, "Santa" put a teddy bear (Do you remember the show, Bear in the Big Blue House?) under the tree. I have this great picture of him hugging it and loving on it. Last night, I walked in to tuck him in, what with his 5'5" frame and shaggy long blond hair, and do you know he was holding onto that same bear! It definitely does go by quickly! You've done a beautiful job capturing and embracing the important moments in your blog!
    God Bless,
    Christy at CrossMoms

  8. Thank you for linking up with me! I always love comparison photos like yours, you never really see the changes as much as when you find them in the same spot years later. Love it.


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