Thursday, March 29, 2012

Great Grandpa's Old Car

This morning, we went out and about running some errands when we decided to stop by to see if Great Grandpa was home. Unfortunately we missed him and Jackson was pretty  bummed. I decided to check out some garage sales and I learned today that Jackson really enjoys garage sales {yes, I am very proud}! After leaving the second garage sale, he said "I love garage sales. I am so, so happy. I am not mad at anyone right now!" Haha. In all honesty, he has been having several "mad" episodes lately, so this is a very critical disclaimer!

We get a call from Great Grandpa and he says, "come back, I'm home now!" So, we drove back over and visted him. My kids really love to play with the trinkets at Great Grandpa's house. Jackson started playing with a Model A toy car, which Jackson was very excited to know that Grandpa had one in the garage that matched {he loves when things match}! Before we know it, Grandpa decides to take us for a ride around the block in his retirement community. It was a fun little adventure!

Jackson exploring the old car

Despite the grumpy face, Belle really did enjoy it. She loved looking out the window as we drove!

Jackson liked the backseat, but only while it was parked. He definitely didn't want to sit in the back with me while we drove.

Grandpa's Model A is 79 years older than Jackson {it's even older than Grandpa}. Jackson enjoyed the ride, but his thoughts about it were summed into two points: 1) it's noisy and 2) it's bumpy.  He was mostly impressed that Grandpa has THREE vehicles!! That's like little boy heaven {and apparently Grandpa heaven too!}.


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