Friday, March 16, 2012


The one thing I hear on an almost daily basis is how much Belle just really looks like me. My mom says so, friends at church, random people at the store! One gal who worked at Build-a-Bear told me we were practically twins {yeah, other than the fact that I supplied rather than shared the womb…}. Of course, Belle is the cutest thing ever, so I take it as a huge compliment. I guess I just I don’t really see it like others do. But based on the sheer number of comments we get, I’m bound to believe it anyway. I just give in to peer pressure like that.

I wanted to get a few pics together with her {as normally I’m behind the camera} so I could see for myself. I took a ton, but when you mix a busy one-year-old and my inability to take pictures of myself, we only ended up with a couple. I still can’t really see it, but at least I have a few to document the super fabulous time I had spending with my princess while big brother was away.

{I posted this one just because Belle is making a super cute face. I, too, am a nose-scruncher. Maybe that’s the resemblance!}

The past few days with Belle have been super fun. She has definitely soaked up the attention and I feel as if I’ve gotten to know her a little more intimately—Derek feels the same way! I was able to plan our days around her schedule alone. We had a Parents as Teachers meeting yesterday and I learned she can do a lot more skills than I ever expected! Like, she can follow simple instructions. Chores are right around the corner for this gal!

She has said Jackson’s name a few times {which, by the way, is super cute!} so I think she misses him. I know we do!! Here are a few picture texts I have received of him in St. Louis:
The train ride—looking pretty comfy!

          Jackson and cousin Gabe &
playing at the park {his knee seems back to perfect working order!}

Grandma Linda with her two grandsons {Baby Eli will make three this spring!}

Kinda makes you think that one of my siblings needs to start having babies so my children have more cousins to play with, right!? There are three of them—ages 30, 19, and 20… surely ONE of them could join me!

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