Friday, March 9, 2012

Urgent care, x-rays, and a splint

While playing at our favorite indoor inflatables playplace, Jackson messed up his knee. No one really knows what happened really, but basically he was jumping with Daddy and his knees sort of buckled. Only, it wasn’t just a buckle because he couldn’t walk or stand afterwards!

Break my heart.

It was obvious that playtime was over, but Derek and I just couldn’t decide what to do! We were torn between taking him to Children’s Mercy Urgent Care or just taking it easy at home. There wasn’t swelling or any thing visibly wrong. But he was in so much pain and I was worried about the small chance that it COULD be something. So, we went.

The office wasn’t totally crowded, which was super nice!! By the time they took all of our information we were called back to a room. The doctor showed up to take a look at him before the nurse even came by.

This is Jackson talking the ear off of whichever staff happened to be in the room. “Daddy was bouncing and I fell and I hurt my leg. And it just hurts and I don’t like that.” over and over and over…

2 (2)

He was given some ibuprofen and we took him down the hall to get
some x-rays. He was a good sport. He kept asking, “Why are they taking pictures of my leg?!”

2012-03-08 20.12.09 (1)

Then, we waited and waited and waited. Jackson was tired. He hated the ID bracelet on his arm and was asking every two seconds to get it off! He was playing on our tablets and was irritated that the free wi-fi was too slow to load neflix{oh how terrible it was!} It nearly killed him that he couldn’t make his way to play with the toy located on the wall.

So, here’s the scoop. Nothing broken, torn, or dislocated. But, Jackson is in obvious pain. He has consistently pointed to the same spot to indicate where the pain is located. And with him being three, it’s really hard to get specific information- how does it hurt? etc. Also being three, he isn’t really capable of making this whole thing up! Last night he tried to take a few steps, but was limping pretty badly and the doctor said if he can’t walk correctly, don’t let him walk at all. We have a follow up appointment on Monday with an orthopedic doctor.

They wanted to get him in a knee immobilizer, but they didn’t have one
small enough so a makeshift splint was made.

2012-03-08 21.30.43

The best thing about the evening, Jackson got THREE Thomas Stickers! {notice how they are all applied so that they are right side up when he’s looking down?}

2012-03-08 20.20.56

And *finally* the bracelet came off. I was about to lose it if he asked one more time!

2012-03-08 21.37.06

Thankfully he fell asleep in the car so bedtime wasn’t really an issue! Derek and I both expected him to up and playing by morning.

However, morning came and he was much more sensitive! Poor kid. He woke up crying that his leg hurt. I carried him to the table for breakfast and he asked if I could feed him his oatmeal. And when he was through eating, he simply asked to go back to bed. {Say what!??!!? My child… back to bed?! That’s when I knew we were dealing with some major pain.}

He’s laid around all day. We went out to take a walk with Daddy and out to eat for Grandpa Forrest’s birthday. But other than that, he’s been on the couch or bed all day!

He hates the splint on his leg and I finally got him to stop complaining by
putting bandaids on it for him! Yay for Toy Story and Angry Birds!


He’s super reserved about looking/touching/moving his knee. He seems to be able to move it okay, but he refuses to put weight on it at all. Part of me wonders if he’s just scared because it hurt last night, but then another part is just convinced that he would be up and playing if he could manage it at all! It has got to be hurting for him to not play for an entire day. He won’t stand to use the bathroom and needs us to carry him everywhere {and when you carry him, he’ll say, “Not too fast! It hurts!}. When we leave the room and he’s on the couch, he’ll say, “Don’t forget me!” I am so sad for him!

We’ve got an appointment on Monday. I am thinking this is just a thing that might take a day or two {or three} to heal. But, I can’t help but be kind of worried that something major might be wrong! Only time will tell, I guess. Hopefully he’ll be back to running around by the end of the week.

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  1. Sounds like one scary night!!! He sound like my boys when you were talking about all the talking, and him being excited about the Thomas stickers!


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