Thursday, April 12, 2012

Almost There

Jackson and I have been marking off the days on the calendar until Derek comes home. Tomorrow marks 14 days… and then he’ll be back on Sunday. He’s actually done tomorrow, but in true army fashion they won’t let them leave until Saturday morning. But then, spending the past two weeks at WLC doesn’t disqualify him from April drill, so he has to report on Sunday morning to his normal unit. Only a few more days. We got this…


I’m sort of all over the place. So I’m thinking bullet points are the best option.

  • First and foremost—I’m listening to Justin Bieber right now. I was really just in the mood. I’m kinda embarrassed, but I’ll own up it. My fave: Somebody to Love.
  • I have been all over the place while Derek’s been gone. It’s embarrassing and I’m sure the feminists hate me for being so dependent on a man. But seriously, the other day I started walking into the store until I realized that I LEFT THE CAR RUNNING. Good grief. Ask me to make a decision—I just can’t do it. Too much brain power goes into kids/house/school that I have nothing left for common sense.
  • Jackson is having the hardest time with Derek gone. Three is just difficult anyway and it’s just been worse the past two weeks. He asks about Daddy after most breakdowns and searches the house whenever we come back home after running an errand. Typing it out breaks my heart and I now I feel like a terrible mommy for not being more patient, but it’s just been tough.
  • A sweet friend of mine at church yesterday asked if Jackson wanted to spend the night and play at her house today. I nearly cried {see, can’t keep it together!} I felt bad for needing to accept the offer, but I had to and it was beneficial for both me and Jackson. In his baby book that I don’t keep up with, this would go down as “first sleepover” {non-family} and it was with a GIRL! He’s three; it’s okay.
  • Belle slept until 9:00 (!!) this morning. I haven’t slept that late in months! I also needed the sleep. I am horrible at going to sleep at a reasonable hour.
  • I realize I’ve been sooooo whiney during Derek’s training. I apologize to my friends and family. Thank you for still loving me. :)
  • I hate Power Rangers. It’s no secret if you’re on facebook. The concept is dumb. It has made Jackson way more aggressive. And the show is sooooo lame, as in “Hey Kimberly, who’s the raddest boy in your class?” And their dinosaur machines all connecting to make one giant can’t-be-defeated bad guy—why don’t they just use that first instead of a last resort? And it kind of seems like a Transformers knock-off.
  • Tweeting is what happens when I don’t have someone to hangout in real life. I have a need to talk {just ask my mom, she’ll tell you stories…} and when I can’t use my real voice, I have to do so online!
  • The whole thing about Ann Romney not being qualified to be the voice of women’s rights because she was a stay-at-home-mom is so ridiculous. Even if she didn’t ever HAVE to work outside the home, that doesn’t make her out of touch with those who have. I need to stop there because I could just go on and on and on.
  • Top three things I enjoy when Derek’s gone: Driving my van everywhere even though it gets horrible gas mileage. Being in charge of our daily schedule and plans. Having my shoes all over the house—and knowing exactly where they are because I left them there!
  • Top three things I don’t enjoy: Eating crappy meals because cooking for two kids {who would rather have PB&J anyway} is lame. Having no one in bed to warm my cold feet {this would probably be on the top of Derek’s best-things-about-being-gone list}. Dealing with all the poop by myself.
  • Back when I made a list about positive aspects of his absence back in 2010, the top of the list was not having to explain to people that “Daddy dressed him” when Jackson was completely mismatched. Well, this is what Jackson wore yesterday IN PUBLIC. His favorite basketball shirt, blue army shorts, mismatching socks {and he wore little work boots as well.} Wow. And today, it was in the 40s and Jackson insisted on wearing shorts “because he’s brave”. I didn’t have it in me to make him change. Maybe he will get a little more fashion sense as he grows older, right?


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