Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Caller Number Nine

I left class early yesterday. I had just talked talked to Derek on the phone about how we were going to be playing pass-the-kids for the next few days and really not see too much of each other. I hate it when that happens, but some days are just busier than others and they seems to fall together in a big clump once a month.

So, then I’m listening to my radio station and hear: Caller number nine will win concert tickets for tonight. I decided to call in—and I was number nine {something I just have really good luck with}, which led to a whole restructuring of plans for the night, but it was such a fun impromptu date night. 2012-04-25 00.22.382012-04-24 20.26.282012-04-24 20.35.512012-04-24 22.12.32

Miscellaneous thought about the evening:

  • I have really been wanting to include more live music in my life. And so this was a perfect opportunity to start.
  • Amy Lee can sing. I definintely enjoy rock music more when a chick is singing. {And she has an amazing name}
  • I love downtown and any reason to visit. Maybe I’ll be able to convince Derek someday to move into a loft in the city someday.
  • And maybe we’ll start a band when we do. It will be called ACDC, ya know, for our initials. You may think that name is already taken, but instead of having a lightning bolt, there will be a heart in the middle. Totally different.
  • Tuesday date nights that lead to not getting home until after midnight are especially rough at 7:15 the next morning.

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