Monday, April 23, 2012

Deanna Rose

This post is from last week. I would have had it up earlier, but my writing software has been giving me grief! It’s been totally frustrating. Even so, I’m hoping this works on my dad’s computer. I will be sure to post about my birthday weekend soon!
After coming home on Circle Day, Derek took Monday off to rest up and enjoy some family time before heading back to work. The weather was nice and the sun was shining so we headed out to Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park; one of our favorite family things to do in KC!
First stop: the baby cows. Belle was excited. Some other little girl told her not to scream at the cows. Haha. I just politely told her that Belle wasn’t screaming AT the cows, but just because she screams when she was happy.

The Mama cows were pregnant so we didn’t get to see them milk her like we did last year. Jackson thought that was so cool.

Checking out the teepee.SAM_8485

Next stop: baby goats. We bought a couple of bottles to feed the goats. We were there pretty early so these guys were hungry! I took this series of photos probably within one minute! 2012 April5

Belle enjoyed watching the goats from afar. She didn’t want them coming too close.SAM_8489

She eventually warmed up after watching big brother pet some goats!SAM_8496  SAM_8503

Next: the tractors. Jackson didn’t stay on this red one very long. He wanted a green John Deere. I just didn’t get any pictures!

We fed the fish, who weren’t very hungry so it was kind of disappointing.SAM_8514

Jackson really wanted to do the “digger thing”. I had no idea what he meant until we passed by these. The boy must spend too much time with his Papa.SAM_8517

While Jackson played on the playground, Belle was showing off some cuteness playing peek-a-boo with me.

Checking out the piglets. Jackson’s commentary, “Ew! They stink!”SAM_8533

And then off to the older baby goats {toddlers?}. Jackson likes these ones more now that he’s more their size.SAM_8548SAM_8543

The little goats wouldn’t stop eating my shoes and these guys were eating my shorts. Seriously, that’s the last time we feed the animals first thing in the morning.SAM_8545

We walked around to see the different birds and then the ducks. Belle really liked the ducks. I think it’s because they were close and at her eye level. SAM_8558SAM_8554

My favorite picture spot!!SAM_8563

After getting a picture of the two kids, I told Derek, “we should take a picture!” And this is what I got…SAM_8587

Fortunately he was a bit more cooperative for another!SAM_8588

Then, we ate our picnic lunch.
SAM_8593  SAM_8594

After we ate, Jackson and I ventured out into “the woods”. This reminded me of the backyard of one of my childhood friends and so it was really fun for me {Jackson too, I think!}. We walked across log bridges and followed the creek.

It was a fun morning full of fun! Plus, Deanna Rose is free during the week, so it only cost us $3 for goat/fish food! Can’t beat that!

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  1. SO CUTE! Maybe we can go before I leave for San Diego :) :) :)


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