Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Events

It was kind of a bummer celebrating Easter without Derek, but it was harder on him I think than it was on us. Thankfully, Easter means more to our family than just spending time with family and hiding plastic eggs. Jackson is beginning to understand why we celebrate Easter and that really reminded me of what’s really important!

As I got out this sticker activity thing that tells the story of Easter, Jackson pointed to the cross and said, “I know that! We talked about that at MOPS!” I was so proud. And he told me that the stone was rolled away and that the angel was there. That sure made this Mommy proud.


But of course, we still had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. And we did this before Derek left. It worked out perfectly—the weather was wonderful and it was good practice before they were bombarded by hoards of kids at our church egg hunt.


Once Belle figured out there was candy inside the egg, she quit caring about finding more eggs and spent her time trying to open the few eggs she already had in her basket.


These guys were far too excited about their eggs and candy to hold still and look at me for even a second for me to take a picture!


Okay, I got Jackson to cooperate after Belle got up, but this is the best smile I got. I love this goofy boy! And I want to make sure to document that Jackson refers to the activity of finding Easter eggs as “Easter Egg Hunking”. That cracks me up.SAM_8283

I spent the holiday up at my parents house. Both of my sisters were in town and it was nice to go to church with them.DSC05364

The kids looked so good in their Easter outfits. Jackson looked so, so handsome. I am going to have to have him wear the outfit again soon so I can get more pictures! He was a little stud muffin. Belle, on the other hand, loves to pose for the camera. She doesn’t hold still for long, but she loves the attention!


The kids opened their Easter baskets first thing in the morning.DSC05409

Belle immediately started snuggling her stuffed animal and Jackson was super excited about his toy gun {which is staying at Grammy’s house!!}DSC05404   DSC05408

Gram Gram and Grandma Dryer drove down from Trenton for lunch, which was delicious. I had the responsibility of cooking the ham and ya know, it was pretty tasty if I do say so myself. {okay, it was a precooked ham and everything, but I’m still taking credit.}


Belle and Aunt Wa-wa. Jackson spent most of the day with Ashley and her boyfriend, Zach. Whenever Zach is around, Jackson becomes his little shadow.


The weather was wonderful! DSC05414

And Aunt Wa-Wa snapped some super cute pictures of my kiddos.DSC05447

Is this little girl not the most precious little thing ever!? This picture just makes me want to pick her up and give her lots of cuddles and kisses!!DSC05433

We didn’t get around to dying Easter eggs until today. Jackson had lots of fun. He wasn’t a fan of waiting while the eggs soaked for a bit, but he sure loved switching colors!


The finished eggs! Too bad Jackson doesn’t like boiled eggs, but Belle sure does! 2 (2)         
Okay, so sorry for massive amount of photos in this post! Derek misses the kids so I wanted to make sure he had plenty of picture to hold him over until next Sunday. Hope you and your family had a blessed Easter!

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