Sunday, April 8, 2012


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Derek has completed week 1 of WLC Training and has only one week left. Here’s what we’ve been up to while he’s been sitting in classes all week:

We went to the Farmer’s Market in downtown KC. I love it. I can’t wait to go back in a few months when the vendors have local produce for sale!SAM_8325

My kids loved it too. Jackson enjoyed eating the snacks as I bought them! After buying two pounds of grapes, we only made it home with a few! Belle enjoyed her banana {but not being buckled in!}. SAM_8323

We drove up to Trenton to last Monday visit Gram-Gram and our Favorite Uncle Richard. We also got to see Katelyn and Great Aunt Margie. By the time I was going to take a picture, every one was napping so I didn’t get one. Next time though.

We stayed two night at my parents house. Their porch is my kids’ favorite place to play. Both love the swing!SAM_8333
Belle especially likes to sit with Papa! {Notice Dad’s shirt: “I have the body of a God. Unfortunately it’s Buddha.” Hahahaha}.SAM_8341

And look at this romper!! I loooooove it. And I’m so glad I found it at a thrift store for $1. I just love these little outfits so much and the little ruffles on her tush. The baby blue eyes and sweet curls—Cutest thing ever.SAM_8329

Jackson likes to help Papa in the yard. And by help, it generally means play outside. Unless some machine makes noise and Jackson runs inside. He doesn’t like loud noises. Ironic as he makes loud noises. all. the. time.SAM_8327   

I decided last week that I simply couldn’t wait any longer to do something to Belle’s room. My fam came down on Friday and we got to work. Belle was a big help {in a not at all sort of way, but at least she’s cute—check out that bedhead!} SAM_8358

Jackson was a big help too.SAM_8365

I wish one of the kids were to blame for this mess… but not true. Yes, this is a gallon of paint on the carpet. The expensive kind of paint that has primer in it {which I don’t really recommend} so I was bummed about wasting it! We did get it cleaned up and I promise to show you a picture. Maybe along with a how-to-get-a-gallon-of-paint-out-of-carpet tutorial.


Lest you think that life just seems kind full of fun non-routine activities and a nice opportunity to spend lots of time with my family {which both happen to be true}… it is HARD when Derek is gone. We do things to keep busy. People really do a good job taking care of me and the kids—his parents, my parents, Great Grandpa, but it’s still hard. I feel like I just can’t keep it together when he’s gone!Two weeks should sound like nothing after he was gone for nine months last year, but seriously, I’m pooped {and consequently, sick and tired of dealing with poop all by myself. Ick}.

Jackson told his MOPS teacher the other day that he didn’t have a dad, only a mom, because his daddy was gone at army work. That really broke my heart. I’ve tried to talk about Derek a lot with the kids. Derek called one day over lunch to talk to Jackson and Jackson nearly flipped out. I said, “Daddy’s on the phone.” And Jackson squeals, “My Dad??” and goes nuts jabbering with excitement. He asked everyone in the house if they wanted to talk to his Dad too! Belle will pick up a cell phone and say, “Hi Daddy!” They miss their Daddy so much. I do too.

Oh yes. Along with everything else, we’ve also : reading, writing papers, taking quizzes, and going to class—Ethics, Group Counseling, and Differential Diagnosis of Mental Disorders, oh my! Ugh. Is it May yet?!

2 (1) 
Derek will be home one week from today. Fortunately he thought ahead to take Monday off work. He’ll need some time to catch up on sleep {he’s been getting up at hours that I consider middle of the night!} but we’ll get to catch up on family time too. Can’t wait!

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