Sunday, April 29, 2012


Yesterday was National Superhero Day and I just felt it necessary to post this picture!  

I considered making a list of my favorite superheroes. I love superhero movies and it stressed me out having to pick an order of my favorite. I mean, they are all awesome {and most are pretty cute too}. Batman, he's at the top of the list. And Iron Man, he's awesome too. Superman is okay, but I really liked Smallville so that pushes him up on the list a little bit. Spidey is cool and I really liked Captain America too. I could go on and on, I need to stop myself!

My absolute favorite are my two superhero kiddos. Jackson is just so funny when he runs into the room and tells me to be careful because the bad guys are coming. He shoots them down with his imaginary guns, hiyas, or spiderwebs {sound effects and all} and will say, "Don't worry Mommy. I'll keep you safe." And if big brother is doing it, so is Belle. She too will cast webs from her wrists {with a "tssss" sound effect} and yesterday she picked up a stick and said, "hiya".

Watch out bad guys! 


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  1. Those other 2 kiddo's are MY favorite superheroes! By the way, Kaylynn said Jackson could come over and play dress up with her princess and ballerina costumes.


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