Thursday, April 19, 2012


When we walked out the door this morning, we were greeted by the very first bloom from my knock-out rose bush! That totally brightened my morning.

I took Jackson to go get his allergy shots. Even though we have switched from going every week to every other week—he doesn’t really know the difference. He really hates it. And it breaks my heart when he cries. I love his doctor’s office though because the ladies love to play with Belle so I can love on Jackson when he needs it. Fortunately the mention of Jimmy John’s cheered him up.

I looooooove Jimmy John’s! And today, they feel the same way about me as they had their subs for $1. Delish.

Jackson kept saying, “Jimmy John’s is like Papa Johne! They match!" I can only imagine his excitement when he figures out that there’s an actually place called Papa John’s {besides my parent’s house!}

The gas light came on in my van on the way to Jimmy John’s so we stopped to get gas. I hate pumping my own gas so I was kinda annoyed, but then I rememebered to use my Price Chopper rewards card. I was less grumpy when I filled up for $3.11/gallon. {thanks Mom for stocking up those rewards!}

I am desperately trying to get the grass to grow in my backyard, so I turned on the sprinkler when we got home. Next thing I know, my kiddos are giggling and soaking wet. It’s waaaaaay to chili for me to play in the water {It’s gonna be like, at least 90 before I want to get wet} but these guys didn’t care. I love watching them play together!

Thursday afternoon is my allocated study time. Derek happened to have a dentist appointment in the early afternoon and when he was done, he came and did some studying of his own {he and his dad are totally into the HAMM radio stuff. nerds.}. It was almost like our undergraduate days… ha, who am I kidding—neither of us actually studied back then!

Our evening was filled with boring housework and laundry. But Derek got out his guitar and we sang some of Jackson's favorite songs. He just thought it was the coolest thing to sing with the guitar! Belle was singing too, but she insisted on being on Derek's lap while he played!

Today wasn’t anything special, just a normal day. But this is our life and this is what I want to remember!

Oh, and Jackson today was signing along to Adele today. Ya know the part that says, “rumor has it… rumor has it…” Well, he was singing, “boomer headick, boomer headick” {right tune, just wrong words}. This TOTALLY had me cracking up in the car. I didn’t correct him.

Sidenote: this would have been so much quicker and easier if I had a modern-day cell phone that supported instagram and other cool apps. My birthday is in two days and a new phone would make a perfect gift!! (ahem).


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  1. Thanks for the glowing review (pun intended)! Glad your under-illuminated crash was relatively minor.


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