Friday, May 25, 2012

First Words

I haven’t done a milestone post on Belle for a long time! I keep meaning to, but I never get it from my mind to my computer. And now, she’s grown so much that it’s too overwhelming to break it down into a specifics, but it basically comes down to this: she’s progressing normally. {If that doesn’t shout, “second child neglect” I don’t know what does. Sorry Belle!}
Belle has turned into quite the little chatterbox. {I really don’t know where she gets it!} Not only does she just babble incessantly, but she has several words that she uses that have meaning.
  • Daddy {da-DEEEE}
  • Na-nee {that’s me!}
  • Uh-oh {uh-ooooooh}
  • All done
  • Up
  • Shoes {choos}
  • Dee-Dee {Baby, which can refer to baby doll or her sock monkey}
  • Papa
  • Hi-ya
  • Pop Pop Pop {when we play with bubbles}
  • Thank You {Tank too}
  • No {which can be either “no” or “nose”}
  • Aggh {some sort of roaring sound that she uses for all animals}
  • Cheese {whenever she sees me with my camera}
  • Night, night {Ni-Ni}
Those words, she uses on her own. These next words are words that she can say when ask and she feels like cooperating.
  • Mama {she can say Mama, but she just doesn’t call me Mama}
  • Drink {dink}
  • More {mo}
  • Aunt Laura {Wa Wa}
  • Aunt Ashley {A-she}
She can actually say any word she wants, in terms of ability. She’ll repeat things sometimes that are crystal clear and then she won’t ever say it again. She likes to talk when you are talking. So when I stop to let her talk, she’ll talk. And then when I talk again, she joins in. And it keeps going that way.
This is a clip of what it’s like when Belle wants to talk while you’re talking. "{We were playing Catchphrase}. This clip is 7 seconds… but this is what I hear, like all day.  Noisy girl!
Isn’t this girl such a cutie!?

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  1. HAhahaha such a cute video!! And precious picturessss!


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