Wednesday, May 9, 2012


In an afternoon car ride, my car was filled with lots and lots of giggles. It was so funny. We had gone to pick up Jackson who spent the night with Grammy. Of course the kids were excited to see each other and decide to partake in their favorite activity of spitting at one another to make each other laugh.

Turns out, it’s when Jackson says the word “gross” that Belle just goes crazy with her cackle laugh. I was temped to pull over to try to get some video, but instead I decided to just sit and soak up the moment. And seriously, it was like deja vu… Belle’s laugh sounds just the same.

Jackson, 2010

Seriously? Do all kids think spitting it’s hilarious or just mine? I swear, they figure this out on their own!

The giggles continued as I unloaded the kids from the van and I just had this vision on my head that Belle reminded me of Boo. Part of it was her pigtails and bangs, the other was the pink shirt, and then the giggles just topped it off.

Desktop (2)

And today for the first time, I’ve realized how thankful I am that I’ve kept up a blog for several years now! When I wanted to find the video of Jackson, I didn’t have to browse through my computer, I just opened up this page and just looked back to 2010 and it was there! Don’t mind me as I give myself a nice pat on the back. :)

Also, I love that my kids make each other laugh!


  1. that is so incredibly sweet! And she DOES look like Boo!! aww!


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