Friday, May 11, 2012

Jackson’s exciting adventures

Jackson’s had an exciting week! Monday and Tuesday were routine. He stayed an extra night on Tuesday night so on Wednesday he could tag along with Grammy to go pick up Aunt Ashley from college. He likes going to Zou College. 2

I picked Jackson up from Grammy in the afternoon, only for him to go over to go spend the night with the other grandparents. And he spent Thursday morning out fishing with Grandpa Forrest!2 (3)

And then today, we took an impromptu roadtrip down to Springfield to visit Aunt Laura. Belle and I got to tag along on this adventure! I always enjoy going back to campus even though it pains me to think of how long ago it’s been since I was actually an undergraduate student. Feels like yesterday!

Go Bears!SAM_8759

Lunch at the student union—not easy! SAM_8763 

A visit to Jordan Valley Park {which is pretty much my most favorite park ever!}


Laura showed us this really cool bridge that goes over train tracks.
Of course that was a huge hit.

And a train even went by right under our feet!SAM_8812

Lastly, we went to a Bears baseball game. Jackson has been begging to go to a baseball game ever since we introduced him to the song “Take me out to the Ballgame” that Derek plays on his guitar.SAM_8815

He was really enthusiastic, if you can’t tell!SAM_8817

We got to meet and spend most of the day with Laura’s non-boyfriend.
He’s super cool.

And by we, I mean mostly Belle. She just really wanted him to hold her all day. He was super sweet and obliged to all of her grunts and whines requests.SAM_8814

I was really nervous about taking the kids down to Springfield and  back in one day. That’s a lot of time in the car! But my kiddos turned out to be roadtrip champs. Mostly because they watched movies on the TV {who knew I’d love that feature so much!}.

What an exciting week! And to top it off, the kiddos get to spend all day tomorrow with Derek’s parents while we head out to Rockfest. It should be a good day for everyone!

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