Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs Royals

Yesterday, I drove up to the stadiums to pick up the tickets for Girls Night Out at the Royals game on Friday. As we were getting out of the car, Jackson insisted that he bring his Kansas City helmet {because yes, we have those lying around in our van}. So, he wears his helmet and tells everyone—fellow ticket purchasers, employees, passer-byers—at the stadium that he is going to play football AND baseball for the Kansas City Chiefs Royals. We needed to take a potty break so we actually went inside the stadium, so we actually ran into several people. And everyone was just so humored by Jackson’s enthusiasm about his Royals/Chiefs baseball/football spirit.

The gentleman at the box office handed Jackson a team schedule and Jackson considers that folded piece of paper as if it’s pure gold. It’s his ticket to the Royals, in which he will play {not watch} baseball.


In other news, Jackson’s signed up for Tiny-Tot T-ball for the month of June. I am SO excited for him! He has been asking to go to a baseball game for a very long time and it wasn’t until we went to a college ball game that I realized that going to a game to watch wasn’t what he had in mind! He wants to play! {And I’ve decided to encourage his interest in baseball because it is far less dangerous that other sports!}

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