Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nothing but kids day

Yesterday I completed my final assignment for this crazy semester. {Yay!! I made it!} I feel like I’ve been running around like a crazy person lately! I’ve just been cramming a lot in to small amounts of time, and that has led me to be so rushed in most of the things I’m doing.

As a stay-at-home-mom, I’m home with the kids most of the time. But, lately it’s been so much about the things I need to get done {housework and schoolwork} and very little about enjoying my kiddos in these stages of their lives.

Today I vowed to be different. It’s a nothing-but-kids day today! No schoolwork, no housework.Today is about my kids and doing things they enjoy—on their schedule, at their pace.

We started the morning with a nice walk around the path at the community center. Instead of waiting impatiently as he stopped to “fill his bike up with gas” I enjoyed his creativity!


After the walk, we played at the park. Not a typical stop-for-ten-minute session at the park. We were there for an hour. Today was the first day Belle decided to slide down the slide by herself. And she did so about 35 times. I just sat in amazement in how big my baby girl is getting! SAM_8847-001

We came home to put Belle down for her nap and decided to play a game of Candyland. Keeping a three year old focused on the game is difficult, but instead of pushing him along, I watched amused as he had to make our gingerbread men “hive five” as they passed each other on the path. SAM_8854-001

And when Jackson asked to snuggle and watch TV. I snuggled for the entire show. {Word World is a super cute show!"}SAM_8872-001 

Great Grandpa called and invited us to lunch at none other than the Golden Arches. I let Jackson have his toy even before he at his meal. SAM_8875-001SAM_8879-001 







I got to spend some fun 1-on-1 time with Belle during Jackson’s naptime. She enjoyed flying around like an airplane.   SAM_8882-001

And she “helped'” go through grocery ads and make a list.









Belle is down for her second nap and when she wakes up, we’re going to make a quick run to Price Chopper before dinner. You may think that going to a grocery store isn’t something I would do on a day focused on the kids, but Price Chopper is Jackson’s favorite store. He’ll be thrilled.

It’s been a wonderful change of pace to enjoy the day at the pace of toddlers {very, very slow} instead of rushing them along everywhere we go. Eventually I will have to manage some housework and school will start in the fall. But for now, I’m off to enjoy my nothing-but-kids day!

And this picture is from last night when Derek went to check on Jackson and I really just thought I’d share. He snuck his giant helicopter into bed, but how can we be mad when he made sure to cover it up the blanket?! His other animals are covered up too, even though you can’t see them! What a sweet boy.SAM_8832-001

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