Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo Dump

These are just recent photos I’ve got lying around my desktop that haven’t made it into a post. I’ve shared most of these photos on facebook recently, so some of you have seen them, but I want them on this space so when I have blog made into a book, they will be here! Plus, my kiddos are super cute so you should always be eager to look through tons of pictures.

Last week, we took Jackson’s favorite walk—to the trains!train

Belle was my laundry distraction helper this day!
{I had several people tell me they thought this was Jackson at first!}2

Jackson climbed into bed with Belle after a nap one morning. Lots of giggles.2 (2)

I took this picture at Chick-fil-a awhile back… Belle just loves to give kisses so much that she kept kissing the little boy on her placemat! SAM_8605      

I snapped these photos one day in class. Apparently even though I’m enrolled in Grad School, I still eat like a kindergartner.
2 (3)2 (4)

I caught Belle in the act of her favorite activity—playing with the trash and recycling. Seriously… our home is flooded with toys. Why does she love trash?SAM_8675

This is the result of me telling Jackson to get on some socks so we could put shoes on to play outside. Not quite what I had in mind… but he did what I asked!485276_10100294467461984_34304436_44132675_429774242_n

Cutest little Chiefs fan ever.SAM_8659

Jackson discovered himself on the security tv at Wal-mart. He was pretty captivated by seeing the boy on the tv do the same thing {dancing like a crazy person} as he was doing!Desktop

I traced the kiddos with chalk yesterday {much harder than you think!} Jackson added faces, shoes, and he drew a stripped shirt for the boy. Belle was in charge of the yellow. Pretty good!SAM_8731 

This was Belle today after church this morning. She fell asleep clutching the fork!sleep

And two more pictures from this afternoon. I realized that I several pictures of Belle so I wanted to get another of Jackson. And this is why I don’t have as many pictures of the boy. While he said “cheese”, he didn’t look up from what he was doing. Belle on the other hand walked right up and said, “cheese” with a perfect little smile.

2.22 (1) 

Whew! Lots of pictures. Lots of cuteness!

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