Saturday, May 5, 2012


My birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I had a fabulous birthday, just like a Saturday birthday should be! Those don’t come around very often and when they do, your birthday celebration is supposed to be way awesome {unlike last time when Derek was working with KCPD and worked/slept all day. Yeah, I don’t miss those days}. Anyways… my day was great so I’m gonna tell you about it.

This birthday cookie was from book club. It was delicious. I ate the leftovers for breakfast the next day. When you’re 28, you can do that sort of thing and not care.SAM_8654 
My day was spent with a lot of my favorite things: My family, BBQ, and being outside. My parents came down on last minute notice and that was really just topped off a great day! SAM_8643SAM_8632  

My presents this year were awesome. From my parents, I got flowers to put in the empty window boxes I had laying around. These guys have had a couple weeks to grow and they just add so much to the little corner by our garage.SAM_8720
Derek bought me a new set of outdoor dining dishes. Pink, of course.SAM_8712 

He also got me a bag of mulch {that we already had}, a hose reel, flower bed edging, solar powered patio lights, and an upgrade…


Oh yes, it’s awesome. Really, his gift to me was this… a makeover to our patio. I love being out on our patio. I enjoy grilling, eating, and just hanging out! I liked out patio before, but now I just LOVE it. It was the perfect gift I didn’t even know I wanted. {my favorite kind of gift!}

SAM_8631 SAM_8714

The table is in the same place in both pictures, but look at how much bigger it looks after we cleaned up and organized! See all that extra space for the kids to play!?

SAM_8628  SAM_8724

When I told my sister what we did for my birthday, she said… “You worked on your birthday!?” I knew I was old* and boring when I was perfectly happy fixing up this space, even on my birthday. I loved planting flowers and putting mulch around the flower beds by our patio. All because after dinner, my parents came over and this is what we did:


It’s my favorite way to end a spring/summer night!

*Actually, I have to tell you the real reason I feel old at 28 and I blame it on my mother {one thing you never get too old to do!}. For as long as I can remember, Mom has always claimed her age to be 27. Even as us kids approached the age of 27 ourselves, she still stuck with it. She’s still 27 today if you ask her even though my brother turned 30 last month. So, now that I’m 28… it means I’m a year older than my mother claimed to be. A year older than she deemed acceptable to admit! Now, THAT’S why I feel old.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! You are like me, you look so young anyway that you don't have to admit to being 28! Good for you, not so good for me, because at 3 months shy of 23 when I took my son to the zoo last month the train conductor called me his older sister! I wasn't even a teen mom, I had him 5 months after I turned 20! I know, young, but still not a teen mom!


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