Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We had “worlds” of fun!

Jackson has been asking to go to the roller coasters for months. We pass by Worlds of Fun on the way to my parent’s house {and remember, last semester I drove up every Monday evening} and he asked every single time. I knew a visit to Worlds of Fun would be necessary for this summer and as soon as we realized that Derek would get in for free on Memorial Day—we jumped at the opportunity to take the family. 

While from the highway, Jackson always had his eye on The Mamba and The Patriot, we told him those roller coasters were for adults and he didn’t put up any fight. But we had fun spending our time in Planet Snoopy. SAM_8999

First things first, Derek and Jackson rode the Rocket Express, which was like a sky rail across the kid section.

Here they come!

This little girl was not happy to not be invited up the stairs.SAM_8982

Meanwhile, Jackson was loving having the time of his life.2 (9) - Copy

I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked—ones from every ride and to capture every smile. But I decided I wanted to just experience the moment and not be caught up with getting pictures. We enjoyed most every ride in Planet Snoopy. Jackson was the right height for all of the rides. Some had a height minimum that Belle wasn’t tall enough for and others had height maximums, so we couldn’t ride with Jackson. And most were perfect for the whole family to ride together. Here are a few of our favorites from the day.

The race cars. {I should note, this was Derek’s least favorite, but it got the most smiles out of Belle and Jackson loved it!}  SAM_8989

I wish Belle’s smile wasn’t covered here! She was having lots of fun. SAM_8990

I took this while we were riding. He was just having so much fun!SAM_8991

After we rode it once, Jackson ran back through the line to ride again! SAM_8992 

The all time favorite was the kid roller coaster. It used to be called the Wacky Worm, but it got a new name when the Planet Snoopy got remodeled. Either way—it was an actual coaster. We rode it several times to finally get Jackson a seat in the very front.

Belle getting ready for her very first roller coaster ride!SAM_8981

Jackson rode the whole ride with his arms up in the air! Even on the “big descent!” He’s gonna love the big roller coasters some day!

Belle enjoyed making music with the tiles, though she barely weighed enough to make them work.

Jackson on the swings
Belle had fun in the ball arena.

And Jackson got to meet Snoopy. {Belle just burst into tears the moment Snoopy touched Jackson. She wasn’t a fan.}SAM_9006 
And the very best way to get your money’s worth out of your Worlds of Fun ticket is to plan for your mom to pick up the kiddos after a couple of hours {and they get all tired and cranky} so that you and your hubby can have fun doing the real roller coasters! And then if you’re really lucky, she’ll bring you dinner which will save you a kazillion dollars on park food.

2 (11)

Derek and I rode The Mamba, The Prowler, The Patriot (x2), and a few rides. It was perfect! It reminded us of the first summer we were married and had season tickets to the park! We lived right across the highway {you can see our old place from the top of the Mamba!} and so we went several times that year! 
I’m so glad we were able to take Jackson to Worlds of Fun this year! We checked out a book from the library about roller coasters and he get so excited when looking at our pictures from the park. It’s so cool that he’s old enough now to really enjoy things and learn—but that also means we have to pay for him at most places now. Ugh! Stay little! Belle didn’t seem to have quite as much fun as Jackson did when we first took him, but he was a few months older, which I think makes a difference. And to be honest, the whole atmosphere and the rides and stuff is pretty overwhelming! We all still had a great time!

Destination: Worlds of Fun
Location: Kansas City, MO
Cost: $35 adult {price chopper tickets} $19.99 children; We went after 4pm and so my ticket was $25. Parking $12. Military get in free on Memorial day and the Sunday before.
Pros: Lots to do and lots {worlds!} of fun. Variety of rides, coasters, water attractions, shows, and a big kid area.
Cons: It’s expensive to take the family! Especially younger kids who can’t handle more than a few hours, so it’s a lot of money for not a lot of time.
Time: We spent about 2.5 hours in the park with the kiddos. They were very tired at this point. But the kid area is really large for several hours of entertainment if you’re kids are up to it! Derek and I spent another 2.5 hours in the park after kids.
Bring with you: Stroller, water!, sunscreen, food/snacks {can’t bring cooler inside, but there are picnic spaces in the parking lot}, walking shoes, camera

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