Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby Fever

Seriously guys… this is the cuteness that surrounds me in my life these days:


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These cuties are only a few that have been born this month in my social circles. Up top is my nephew Eli, then sweet Yooli was born last week, and Tenley {Chacey’s little sister} was born yesterday. I briefly met baby Luke when he was just a couple days old and my timing was off when I stopped by to see Roman last week and he was nursing. :( And then… some college friends are providing foster care for a newborn that they picked up from the hospital two-ish weeks ago.

Babies, babies, babies!!!

So, no doubt. This girl has baby fever! If you know me in real life, you’ve probably already figured that one out!! Unfortunately, my hubby doesn’t have the fever. And I’m not particularly itching to have another baby right-right now… but just sometime. Of course, this will be decided mutually with regards to jobs, grad school, etc. Here are a few of my reasons {my hubby says they aren’t real reasons} that we should have another:

  1. I really like my OB and I miss going to her frequently.
  2. Weight gain is encouraged!
  3. But in all actuality, I don’t really gain much weight. With Belle I left the hospital smaller than when I got pregnant with her—despite eating whatever my pregnant heart desired.
  4. Pregnant women aren’t judged for wearing yoga pants daily.
  5. I have unused awesome baby names—specifically boy ones.
  6. We would be doing this world a disservice by not blessing society with our really, really cute offspring! :)
  7. And lastly, I just look really good and happy holding these little snuggle-bunnies, don’t you think??



And look at these guys—looks like they might be on board too!252630_814198388362_1599797701_n   20120613_085943

I’m completely aware that these are totally silly reasons to have another baby. But Derek’s number one reason for not having another is this, “we’d have to switch to one-on-one defense to zone defense!”… And as you can tell, we haven’t discussed this too much in serious, so it’s still up in the air whether we’ll have more or not! I absolutely love my family just the way it is, but I can’t deny that I have that newborn itch!

Moms of three {or more}… what do you say? How do you deal with the zone defense?!?


  1. So, I only have two kids, and I don't plan to have another.... but I would be overjoyed to have an "Oops!"

  2. Amy, the sad thing is... I *always* have baby fever these days and I haven't even been holding any babies...and I already have three. One of my reasons is: I need another girl so Ella can have a sister, LOL. :D I save all my fav baby clothing (enought that I could clothe at least two more, LOL). And, its tough with three but we just don't go out much (things are becoming so much easier as they get older but it was so tough with 2, 1, and newborn!!). They all play together (sometimes) and the park and take-out are our friends. Oh, and I go grocery shopping in the evening by myself. :D

  3. YOU already play zone while your home with them all day. Honestly, for us the transition from 1 to 2 kids was a bigger adjustment than from 2 to 3. I can't remember life without Saige!


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