Monday, June 25, 2012

Conversations with Belle

It was a month ago that I posted about Belle’s first words. She is increasing her vocabulary almost daily and it’s cute. However, she has a favorite word… “no”. This is how our many daily conversations go:

If I ask if she wants a bite, she will say “no” yet open her mouth. Likewise to wanting to be held, holding her baby, wanting a drink etc.

Once “no” became a favorite part of her vocabulary, Derek and I have tried to be diligent to avoid using that word as much as possible. Unfortunately, big brother isn’t on board. He will walk up to her and say, “no!” and then Belle follows through with a chorus of “no’s” and then Jackson tattles… OR… When Belle says “no” over and over {which is often how she talks to herself} Jackson will say “yes”. And a shouting match erupts between the two, most often in the van, of “yes’s and no’s'”. Bring on the sibling fighting. Ugh.

I’ve been mostly trying to ignore this little phase. But if I never hear the word “no” from her little mouth, I’d be okay. She sure is a cute little thing though, isn’t she? {And at least I have proof that she denied parental financial support for her college education.}

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