Monday, June 4, 2012

Cousin Time

Last week, we had a cute little addition to our family—my nephew, Eli Christian!
465057_10100338093724604_1921607909_o {He’s dreaming of cuddle time with Aunt Amy!!}
I can’t wait for him to come visit this weekend so I can just hold and snuggle this little guy. In the meantime, Eli’s big brother Gabe has been staying with us since Wednesday. It works out great— my brother/sister-in-law get to enjoy baby Eli all by himself for a few days while my kids get to spend some special time with Gabe.
It’s been fun! The first night was a little crazy, as expected. Lots of giggles and squeals of excitement.
But the boys looked like this by the time 10:30 rolled around, so it wasn’t too crazy. They’ve gone to bed perfectly every night since then!
We’ve gone on walks, played at the park, visited Grandma Linda & Papa Forrest. It’s been a little crazy with three kiddos, but it doesn’t feel like it’s all that different from two kids really. It’s just been really fun!
2 (2)22 (1)20120603_190004    
We even conquered the grocery store with three kiddos in tow tonight! I am sort of disappointed we didn’t get a trophy as we exited. Even without a trophy, I’m still feeling proud. Not only did we get what we needed—the boys had SO much fun. They giggled nearly the entire time, thanks to Derek’s crazy driving.
2012 June
Belle has been having fun and playing too, but it’s just really, REALLY hard to get a picture of all three kids. But here’s a picture of her from tonight… she couldn’t find her sucker.SAM_9054
Hahaha. We’re all looking forward to a super fun week! Hoping yours will be too!

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