Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mom’s have hobbies?

I’m still linking up with Jenna! I’ll be back to my regular posts soon! I know most of you read hoping for pictures of the kids, so I included some at the end!

Tell us about your hobbies! What do you do in your free time? What are your favorite books, movies, music etc?

Hobbies?? Free time?? What are those?? Haha. Just kidding. Somewhere beyond the yoga-pants, ponytail, and t-shirt with kid snot lies an actual person with hobbies, interests, and a life! :)  

And actually, I’ve found quite a bit of extra free time lately. Back during my crazy semester, we hired a babysitter to come on Thursday afternoons and I allocated that time to do all my school work for the week. My hubby has graciously offered to keep having her come over even when I don’t have school. Seriously, it’s amazing. Just four hours a week just makes me feel so human again! Awesome, right!?

My biggest “free time” opportunities are after the kids go to bed and my Thursday afternoons. Derek and I watch shows or movies together a night or two each week in the evenings. I love that time together. I blog sometimes and every once in awhile I’ll get him to play a game with me. I do like to be crafty and do some DIY projects from time to time! One of my favorite things to do on a Thursday afternoon is to find myself at Starbucks {for a smoothie because I do NOT like coffee} and completely veg out—after I run some kid-less errands of course! I’ll read a book, blogs, play a game on my tablet, text, or whatever.

I also find myself spending time reading/planning/working on things to do with the kids or around the house. Because the truth is… is that my favorite hobby is being a wife and mom, even if that sounds really cheesy. But I spent an hour at the library trying to figure out the Dewey decimal system in order to pick out a dinosaur book for Jackson and I like planning ahead for meals to provide healthy and yummy food! And I also find myself reading and doing research for my grad school stuff—not even for a grade {gasp!} but just because I enjoy it. Crazy, right!?

And because I haven’t even really addressed my hobbies yet, here they are {no particular order!}

  • Movies—going to the theater is my favorite!
  • Reading—my last book, Outlaw Platoon. GREAT BOOK! It’s a true story of a platoon in Afghanistan that takes place in 2006.
  • Bargain shopping—garage sales, thrift stores, craigslist, Oh my!!
  • Socializing—and my favorite activities include having people over for dinner and my once a month book club.
  • Music—I enjoy live music and am trying to incorporate it more into my life!
  • Blogging—it’d be silly not to include it, because, seriously. I spend a lot of time doing it! I enjoying writing and I love reading blogs!

So anyway, that was kind of a long post for a pretty short question. I also like to talk… and type! :)

Here are my latest Instagram pics!

We had a dinner time picnic last week!

Seriously, her blue eyes just make me melt!4f6888dcbb2611e1abd612313810100a_7

“Hey, Mom! I’m jammin’!” {yes with my pot and pan lids}e01a60fabbb011e1be6a12313820455d_7

We went to a local spray ground earlier this week! So much fun!d593192cbfb811e1abb01231382049c1_7

Aunt Ashley came to play yesterday!

And Jackson is becoming a pro at snapping green beans from Grandpa’s garden! I know this will make you proud, Grandma Trickel! :)8bde7194c08211e18bb812313804a181_7

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  1. Wow! 4 hours once a are a lucky mom! ;D I think I'd hang out at Starbucks too but I *do* enjoy the coffee. My hubby likes their smoothies too...he's a coffee hater too. ;D I enjoy menu planning and grocery shopping too. We have "loving being a mom" in common. ;D Now, I'm just wondering where that "spray ground" is near us 'cuz it looks fun!


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