Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our week in photos

We’ve been pretty busy lately and I have a TON of stuff to blog about! We had a garage sale this weekend and I’m just exhausted, so a simple “our week in photos” blog post will have to do for now!

I got a new phone! And it’s awesome…which makes capturing moments so much easier! Here my kiddos are helping me figure out the front facing camera!582428_10100350860380124_1474613186_n

Check out my cute Mizzou fans!! 2.2

We took our kids out to celebrate our anniversary last week. We all had fun!20120610_115817

Cousin Gabe came and played with us a week or so before his parents came over from St. Louis. My kiddos got to meet their new baby cousin, Eli.20120613_090059

And I got to soak up baby Eli snuggles!473d817ab2b211e188131231381b5c25_7

I took Jackson to tour the fire station the other day. He was excited, can’t you tell? {I can’t wait to share about it!}


This is garage sale… only half of what my garage looked like when we set it all up the day before we started. So much stuff!20120613_214939

Jackson was my big “helper” all week as I sorted and priced stuff.13bbc0e4b43a11e1abd612313810100a_7 

This was what my last three days have looked like… I need a break from math.20120616_084724

Belle climbed up on the tractor about a bazillion times. Not to be surprised, a fascination of all things John Deere runs in the family.20120615_155559

We went out to our community festival last night. I love funnel cakes!2f08faeab75211e181bd12313817987b_7

And this morning we walked to main street to watch a parade. 20120616_100722

Which was really just a moving political platform, but the kids enjoyed the candy! Jackson was literally covered from head to toe {socks} in stickers!20120616_104622

I’m looking forward to a lazy day tomorrow! I’m excited for the kids to give Daddy their Father’s Day present. {And I’m just as eager to give my dad his present too!}. But for now, I think I want to go to bed—and it’s still daylight!

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  1. Belle is just SOOO cute!! Jackson is, of course, adorable too, but those pig tails on Belle just kill me. I so wish I could have come to your garage sale! I bet you had the best stuff and it all looks so organized! I think a good garage sale is one of my favorite things. Hope it was a successful sale! Hope you all enjoy Father's Day tomorrow! :)


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