Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six Years

Derek and I are celebrating six years of marriage today!  Or, as I explained to Jackson: it’s the day that Mommy wore her princess dress and Mommy and Daddy said that we will love each other forever! 


Here’s a flashback to our big day back in 2006:


Oh, and here’s another picture—my brother-in-law, Brad, eating like every single sandwich we had!

But I think the time has come to finally forgive him—he spent the evening cleaning my kitchen! Like, hardcore cleaning. In fact, he’s washing my dishes {the ones that didn’t fit when he loaded the dishwasher!}. I could get used to this treatment! I can honestly say, he’s my favorite brother-in-law!

And Derek worked on our laundry chute today to make it functional and child-safe! Just what I wanted! :)

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