Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Last week was Jackson’s first t-ball practice!


I didn’t get to watch last week because I had to leave for VBS, so I made sure that I got several pictures at his practice yesterday!

Jackson’s ready to play!

Down and ready to catch!20120611_181315 

Handing {not throwing??} the ball back to the coach20120611_181532

Jackson was getting some throwing tips from a coach.20120611_183228

Look at that form—he’s an all star. And when he throws, his leg comes up like a pitcher. Super cute.20120611_183100 

The after practice huddle.
{Jackson’s head is right underneath coaches back elbow}20120611_183357 

The coach told us that games start next week! So Jackson come home and practiced his “alligator catch”. 20120611_191332

Jackson comes home so excited from practice. It’s so much fun to watch! And it’s really good to get him out with other kids in an organized* sport!

{*organized—as much as 30 3 1/2—5 year old on a baseball field can be called organized….}

And check out Jackson’s fans! 20120611_182019

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