Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bowling 101

Jackson and I went bowling yesterday morning. It was on my list of things I wanted to do with him this summer and I’ve been desperately seeking indoor activities for him to use some energy because this month-long heat wave/drought is really putting a damper on our typical summer activities!!

A lot of bowling centers participate in the Kids Bowl Free program, but we traveled over to Lee’s Summit to take advantage of their Mommy and Me bowling program. For $3 {each} we got a game, shoes, and pop! Jackson was almost as excited to have his very own pop as he was to bowl.

Here’s Jackson style bowing 101…

Step 1: Find the green little kid big boy ball and figure out fingers/holes puzzle… That’s tricky. 2012-07-25 09.43.06

Step 2: Offer a cheesy-smile just so Mommy can hurry up with the picture and you can get on with the game.
2012-07-25 09.45.37

Step 3: Balance ball up to the line. Whew! That’s a workout!2012-07-25 09.43.22

Step 4: Maneuver the ball to knock down the pins. Option A—bend and roll.2012-07-25 09.37.41 

Option B: Hip throw 2012-07-25 09.55.01

Step 6: Watch the ball go! {when using option A, the bend and roll, the arms stay up until the ball crashes into pins}2012-07-25 10.06.42

During this stage, also giggle as the ball clinks from side to side on the bumpers. More clinks = more giggles.2012-07-25 09.52.03

{this is my favorite picture from the day—check out that ball dead center as it approaches the pin. Too bad it was going like .0000005 miles per hour and only knocked over a few}2012-07-25 09.39.48 

Step 7: Race back to see what number you got on the big screen!2012-07-25 09.43.44

Step 8: Stare into tunnel waiting for the ball to come back.2012-07-25 09.57.53

Lastly, step 9: REPEAT!

Back to step 1: more cheesy pictures for Mommy…2012-07-25 10.14.25

While we were bowling, Grammy was bringing this girl back from a three-day spoil-athon up at her house! I really enjoyed some special one-on-one time with Jackson, but we really missed this smile!

2012-07-25 15.18.01

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