Sunday, July 1, 2012

Can I be a baby again?

We’ve been reading a book called America the Beautiful for the past couple of days trying to explain the concept of our flag, country, and freedom to Jackson before the 4th of July. In the book is a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. Derek was talking to Jackson how we visited that bridge when he was a little baby, so we started looking back through the photos with him.

The whole slideshow went like this: “what’s that?”, “how?”, “why?”, “Who’s that?”… over and over. And then he asked, “Can I be a baby again?” He has already asked a dozen times if we can go back now that he’s a “Big Kid.” Plus, he doesn’t think it’s fair that he got to go and not Belle. {Does this kid not realize that I try very hard to do fun things for/with him now that he’s older!?!?}

I looked back at my blog post about our California trip and while I did a good job summarizing our trip, I can’t believe I only included SIX photos! We have hundreds so I want to share some more {especially since this blog is basically his baby book. If it’s not here, it didn’t happen…}

Baby's first airplane ride!California 019

We toured the Jelly Belly factory. So fun!California 040California 026 

Grandpa drove us up to the dam at to Lake Berryessa. As we were looking through the pictures today, Jackson kept asking what it was and Derek was doing his best to explain without using the word, “dam.” It was very humorous to overhear, but really, as much as this kid talks, it’s in our best interest to keep that word from his vocabulary for now.

California 050California 051

Jackson’s first boat ride—we took a ferry to San Francisco. California 068

And Jackson celebrated by doing a bunch of this:California 075

We strolled {literally!} through the streets of San Francisco. California 071California 073  California 074

And hopped on another boat over to Alcatraz.California 082 

Jackson had lots of questions about this place today. We told him it’s a prison, a place where the police would put bad guys away. Jackson responded, “no, they put bad guys in cages in JAIL!!” Okay, fine.

California 083California 092

The next morning we traveled to Muir Woods to check out the California Redwood trees. I seriously felt so tiny walking through here!California 104  California 110California 118 California 131

And finally the picture that was started this whole thing—Jackson and Daddy at the Golden Gate bridge. Ohmigosh—it was so windy!!!California 155

And lastly, the whole reason we visited California—Great Grandpa {and really, for Great Grandpa to show off his first great-grandson.} He was getting ready to put his house on the market to move back to Kansas City, we are sure glad that we did!

California 199

But I’m really glad that we were able to squeeze in a short trip before he moved back! :)

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